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True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
Prince George
An animal roar reverberated throughout the clearing, as an anvil sized fist swung upwards slamming into Lupine jaws with a massive uppercut, shattering fangs. Beast-Mikhail back-flipped through the air before smashing facedown into the ground “Rissssse up you glorified poodle, sssssso Gaveclaw can sssssssmack you again!” the Strigoi snarled at the downed werewolf, the downed beast surged back to its feet with an enraged howl its head tilting back to face the twin moons before its gaze turned again upon it opposite only for a massive bicep to fill its vision as Graveclaw smashed it again to the ground with brutal cloths-line, his momentum carrying him onwards. Graveclaw caught himself and turned only to find the man-beast waiting with a feral growl the Werewolf leapt at him its feet finding purchase against

Graveclaws thighs as it jerked Graveclaw’s head to the right and bite into the Strigois lefts shoulder and savagely shook its head back and forth, crushing bones and shredding muscle, Graveclaw roared in agony and seizing Mikhail beneath his armpits Graveclaw shoved with all his might, with a terrible ripping of flesh the were-beast was hurled free. Graveclaw dropped down on one knee clutching at the bloody ruin of his shoulder, his left arm hung uselessly at his side no longer responding to the signals Graveclaw’s brain was sending it, sensing weakness Mikhail surged again to his feet, rising upright he charged at the downed vampire, razor talons raised for the deathblow. Graveclaw exploded into action meeting Mikhail halfway with a tremendous spear to the abdominal region, with such force it would have shattered the spine of a Blood Dragon. Both monsters were flipped through the air before Gravity ripped them apart, Graveclaw smashed to the ground and thrashed like a fish clutching his mangled shoulder and bellowing in pain, Mikhail lay curled up in the fetal position unable to make a sound as he tried to get air back into his lungs the first reprieve in the four-hour long battle. As soon as the pain subsided

Graveclaw slowly began to climb to his feet groaning in agony, Mikhail too was just regaining his footing shaking his head and panting heavily, regaining his feet Graveclaw cracked his neck and winced as his shoulder tinged “round two” he rasped “ding-ding” the Werewolf growled in response both monsters, apex predators of the night glared at each other and at the same time roared fresh challenges and charged at each other full speed. Mikhail swung a massive haymaker at Graveclaws head, but the Strigoi expecting such an attack turtled behind his good shoulder shielding his head with his arm, Mikhails fist connected with the Metal pauldren on Graveclaws right shoulder with the crunch of bone. The Werewolf whimpered and cowered back, Graveclaw bellowed in triumph and leapt twelve feet into the air binging down his three hundred pound bulk onto the back of Mikhails neck, driving the werewolf face-first into the ground, Graveclaw capitalized on the opening, seizing the man-beast by the wrist he stomped down on the top of Mikhails head “KRUNTCH” growling Graveclaw drug Mikhail into a massive head-butt pugging the Werewolf’s snout “Housssssebroken!” Graveclaw snarled tossing the unconscious beast back. Graveclaws turned his gaze eastward as the dawn’s first rays began to crest the trees, with a frustrated snarl the Vampire turned and disappeared into the twilight, leaving Mikhail battered and naked on the forest floor.

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