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TVC II OOC Character Mottos

The Dread King

Staff member
True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
I noticed this thread in the old TVC OOC, and I thought it looked like good fun. So all you have to do is put down one (or more) mottos for the characters that you have in the TVC II, as well as any mottos you could think of for any other characters in the TVC II.

So, to start it off, Morty's motto: "If you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten."

Count Darvaleth

I <3 marmite
True Blood
Apr 26, 2010
"Vekky's cool, mkay?"

Hehe, just joking. Kraskor's motto isn't something I've thought of, but he's not one to have a motto. Apart from his sire, he isn't dogmatic at all (Blood Dragon using magic, go figure!), and takes things as they come. He doesn't want to be entrenched at all, and applying a motto to every situation doesn't seem very him. Except, of course, in relation to Vekarin, so maybe my joke motto is actually most suitable...

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Apr 23, 2008
Karl: "Order, Purpose, Discipline"

Nekhlior: "Knowledge is power".

Dieter: "Purpose through service."