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von Rosentod

Apr 4, 2012
During the last game I had, the following situation occured:

My friend miscasts a spell with a sorceress bunkered in a small ten man unit of crossbowmen. The result is a Cascade (large template centered on the caster, causing high strength hits). The wizard survives, but the unit around her is removed to a man.

Is the result considered as a unit destroyed (any nearby units taking panic tests)?

I said no need to as I thought she would be a part of that unit until the end of the event and still alive, but my friend wanted to consider it as a unit destroyed result for "fluff reasons". We both considered that the sorceress should take a 25%-casualty panic test as she was part of the unit taking casualties.

What do you guys say?


May 3, 2012
Unit is not destroyed if a character survives as she is still part of the unit at that point.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Mar 12, 2008
The unit is destroyed and the lone character is considered a new unit of 1. There is nothing left of the unit in question. If he was still "part" of the unit you could raise said unit back.

Pg#8 faq 1.5

Q: At what point after a unit has been wiped out do any characters
remaining count as having left the unit? (p101)
A: As soon as the last model from the unit has been removed,
any remaining characters will count as a new unit. Note that
this will cause Panic tests to all friendly units within 6"
(including the newly formed unit of character(s)) as the unit
has been destroyed.

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