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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
Sylvanian noblewoman Annabella Castellan is inducted into the Lahmian Sisterhood. After a short period of loyal service to the Silver Pinnacle, however, her affection for her daughter Rachelle drives her to make a decision with terrible consequences.

Chronicle of An Exile - Training

Ingrid and Greta Tannison faced one another in the sparring chamber. Greta saluted the small audience with a greatsword that, by all rights, she shouldn't have been able to hold, sweeping the blade through the air in exaggerated fashion. Greta placed her short swords togetehr briefly, saving her energy for the fight.
They seemed evenly matched. For one thing, they were twins, distinguished only by how Ingrid wore her blonde hair in two long braids where Greta had cut hers short long ago, and Ingrid's armour was a parade of colour vs Greta's conservative attire.
Annabella castellan put an arm around her daughter Rachelle, The girl took after Annabella's mother, a redhead of stout proportions, much more than Annabekla herself.
"Are you ready, my love?"
"Yes, Mother."
Annabella raised a hand and lowered it.
"Begin!": she called, as if her meaning wasn't obvious.
Ingrid launched herself into battle, making wide sweeps with her greatsword, at times coming dangerously close to decapitating her twin.
Greta expertly parried the blows, falling back to give herself space and making lightning attacks that disoriented her twin where possible.
Ingrid fell back, and examined the situation. Then she changed tactics and made a slightly more considered attack. This, too, was brushed aside,.
Greta invited an attack and locked her blades around the greatsword, yanking it out of Ingrid's grip.
Ingrid hissed and bared her fangs, her features twisting ever so slightly.
Greta laughed, holding up her swords defensively again.
"Come on, sister, let's see what those toothpicks do against honest steel."
Before Greta coudl react, Ingrid charged and smashed he rot the ground, proceeding to tear her swords from her hands and press her fangs against her twin's neck.
"Do you yield?"
Greta answered by rolling Ingrid over onto her back and grabbing her around the neck.
"Do you?"
Ingrid sagged.
"Very well."
Greta stood up, rubbing her shallowly-pierced neck, and looked at Annabella and Rachelle with a satisfied smile.
Then she helped her twin to her feet, and both bowed.
Annabella clapped.
"Good work, both of you. Rachelle, would you like a turn?"
Rachelle grinned.
"Please, Mother. Aunt Greta, may we train together?" They weren't really aunt and niece, bu Annabella regarded the Tannisons as sisters, and similar courtesy existed between them and her daughter.
Greta beamed.
"How wonderful, dear child."
Ingrid punched her twin.
"I don't know why she prefers you."
"Because I actually teach her the skill and art of combat." She murmured under her breath and her neck closed up.
Ingrid stalked away and climbed the stairs to join Annabella.
"Room for one?"
Annabella shifted, alloiwng her friend room.
"Now let's see how well your brat does against my sister."
"Rachelle isn't a brat," Annabella said lightly.

Rachelle faced off against Greta, this time both suing wooden swords, given the girl was only 13, and lacked her opponent's resistances and healing abilities.
"Now remember what I've taught you," Greta said. "Read your opponent. Know what they're going to do before they do."
Rachelle nodded.
"You teach me so well, Aunt Greta."
Greta smiled.
"Now, we salute." Greta turned to Annabella and Ingrid, and saluted, Rachelle following suit.
"Are you ready?"
"Yes!" Rachelle answered keenly.
Greta attacked first, driving her back with surprise. She let Rachelle recover, and played defensive for a while. Then she went on the attack again, probing Rachele's defences. To Annabella's pride, her daughter conducted herself well and blocked or evaded everything her training partner threw at her.
"She can fight," Ingrid commented.
"All thanks to you and Greta," Annabella replied.
"Don't be so humble. I've seen you fight, too." Ingrid raised an eyebrow. "Years ago. You never want to train with my sister and I. You could probably beat us both, too, despite your...limitations."
Anabella avoided her friend's gaze. The last time she'd fought, it had been for real. With real consequences.
"I don't have anything to prove. My girl needs to know how to defend herself."
Focusing again on the duel, Annabella saw Greta standing over Rachelle, sword hovering above her forehead.
Rachelle smiled.
"I yield, Aunt Greta."
Greta offered a hand, and Rachelle used it to pull herself up. She shared a quick hug with Greta, then ran back to Annabella.
Annabella tousled her daughter's fiery locks, and smiled at her.
"Well, how was that, little one?"
"Excellent. Thanks, Aunt Greta!"
"Always." Greta blew a kiss.
Rachelle blew a kiss back.
Annabella pinched Rachelle's shoulder.
"It's getting late.. You should go to bed now."
"What? No! I want to stay up with my aunts."
Ingrid smiled.
"It's fro your own good, niece. You're not old enough to stay up as long as you want, yet."
Rachelle's eyes darkened, but she nodded.
"Very well, I'll see you tomorrow night."
"Good night to you, too," Greta called and Rachelle disappeared through a doorway.
Annabella sighed.
"I wish I was still like that."
"I still can't believe how much she loves us," Greta said, arriving beside Annabella. "She should be scared of us." She tilted her head. "You should be scared of us."
Annabella stared into Greta's red eyes.
"I've met worse than either of you."
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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
Chronicle of an Exile - The Invitation

The skies of Sylvania had recently taken a dark turn. They were always filled with huge black clouds which never seemed to go away except on the brightest of days. There was something quite menacing about them. Annabella was sure it was magic, though she had no witch sight or talent of her own.
She watched the dark skies from her castle's tallest tower, shortly after Ingrid and Greta's training with each other and then Rachelle. The cool air seeped into her bones, on a deeper level than usual. Morrslieb, the green, evil moon, hung above, waxing to full. Another week, or so, she calculated.
"Getting dark, isn't it, Mother?"
Annabella turned, annoyed to see her daughter ascending the stairs to join her.
"I told you to go to bed, girl."
Rachelle swept a lock of her hair back.
"I'm sorry, Mother. I can't sleep."
Annabella folded her arms.
"Yes, really."
Annabella shook her head.
"You know I should have you punished."
Rachelle raised an eyebrow.
"For staying up a little late?"
Annabella sighed. Maybe the bedtime didn't have to be that strict.
"Very well. I'm in a good mood, tonight. Just...don't get used to it, alright?"
Rachelle smiled and moved forwards, receiving a kiss to the forehead for her troubles.
"Alright, Mother." Rachelle glanced beyond Annabella, then back to her. "I like the way Morrslieb shines around you. A good silhouette, I should say."
"Morrslieb isn't something you should like." Annabella turned back to looking outwards, over the dark forests surrounding her castle. "You know the tales."
"Aunt Ingrid and Aunt Greta are vampires. Also with many tales."
"Don't be so carefree, girl."
"But -"
"Let's finish this conversation another time, if you want to."
Rachelle looked disappointed, but assented, and leaned over the wall beside her mother.
"She's right, you do look beautiful under Morrslieb."
Annabella spun around to see Ingrid and Greta emerging from the shadows. She wasn't sure which had spoken.
"Why are the skies darker now?" she asked. "Can you sense something?"
The twins shared a glance.
Ingrid stepped forward.
"A being of great power is emerging. Has emerged." She looked back at Greta, who nodded. "We aren't quite sure, but it is exciting the magic here, stirring up necromancy."
Greta stepped forward, and kissed her twin's blonde locks.
"Our Mother has been informed, and wishes us to investigate. "
"Investigate? Will you use magical devices and draw diagrams?" Rachelle asked, clearly keen. She couldn't use magic either, but seemed to enjoy the arcane.
Annabella put her arms on Rachelle's shoulders.
"Magic is dangerous, girl. Necromancy even more so. You should not trouble yourself with it."
"You say this in front of two vampires who are your best friends."
Annabella cuffed her ear, then realsied that wasn't an argument.
"I'm sorry. You're right. I know what they are. If this were anywhere else in the Empire I'd have them turned over to the witch hunters, or kill them myself. But here, well, I just have to accept it. Doesn't mean I embrace it."
"Such a shame," Ingrid said. "You really are talented."
"In more ways than one," Greta agreed. "If Rachelle is half what you would have been at her age, you would be highly useful."
"I don't want to be useful. My time using my skills is over."
Ingrid sighed.
"If you wish. Rachelle, shouldn't you be in bed now?" Ingrid asked.
"Mother let me stay up later tonight, because I've bene good."
Greta laughed.
"Clever girl. You needn't be so strict, Annabella."
Annabella looked at her daughter. The young redhead smiled at her.
"She's all I have left of him," Annabella said.
Greta looked as if she'd been struck.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to -"
Annabella waved her down.
"Don't worry. Rachelle, please go to bed now. For real this time." She used what she hoped was her most disciplinary tone.
Rachelle nodded.
"Yes, Mother."

Greta stood beside Annabella, Ingrid on her other side. In between the twins, Annabella felt almost like a deer caught between wolves. Wolves whom she loved and trusted, but wolves nonetheless.
Greta fumbled through her clothes and produced a rolled up parchment. She opened it.
"We received this last night. We thought we should bring it to your attention."

To Annabella Castellan,
You are hereby invited to the wedding ball of Isabella von Drak and Vlad von carstein.
Night of full Morrslieb.
You may bring family, retinue and companions.
Respond with haste to Castle Drakenhof,
Isabella von Drak, Countess of Sylvania.

"What do you think?" Ingrid asked.
Annabella frowned.
"Have they had the funeral for her father yet?" Count von Drak was mad and unpopular, but protocol dictated certain things.
Greta shruged.
"This Vlad will be the new Count, I suppose. He can do whatever he wants. Are we going?"
Annabella met her friend's eyes. Something hungered within them. There was something going on she wasn't being told. She needed to know more.
"Who is Vlad?"
"We don't know," Greta replied.
Annabella tore her gaze away, feeling a compulsion not to, and looked at Ingrid.
"Are you sure/"
"Of course we're sure," Ingrid answered, laughing. She kissed Annabella's cheeks. "You're our sister."
Annabella touched her cheeks. She felt she were being distracted, lured into something. Did they want her to feel she was being told nothing?
"I suppose." She had to admit she barely knew these two, but she knew they cared for her, on some level, and wouldn't lead her into a trap she couldn't handle. Besides, she couldn't refuse an invitation to the late Count's daughter's wedding ball. Should she bring Rachelle? Her daughter would have such fun at the ball. Probably. She might be bored to death. But she had to learn these things to be a noble. And...leaving her behind didn't seem an option.
Annabella smiled, her reluctance falling away. She'd find out what was going on, and introduce her daughter to the most important part of her political life.
"I shall tell the good Countess we accept."
"We look forward to it," the twins said together.
Annabella hated it when they did that.
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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
Chronicle of an Exile - An Old Friend

"Driver, stop!" Annabella called, noticing someone she thought she recognised near a lake, with along-dead horse apparently drinking beside them.
The driver pulled up the horses and the carriage halted. followed by the rest of the carriages in the train.
"Will this take long, Mother?" Rachelle asked. Her daughter sat beside her, under protest. She'd only agreed to come because it would be good training. Which was a shame, because Annabella loved balls.
"Stop complaining and it won't take long at all."
Rachelle opened he mouth to argue, but closed it wordlessly
"I'm getting out," Annabella said.
The driver appeared at the door and helped Annabella, clad in a long ballgown that made this detour far more uncomfortable than it had to be, step down.
"Come along, girl," Annabella said to Rachelle, envying her daughter's less frivolous attire.
Rachelle, wearing a clearly put-on stoic-noble face, clambered down the stairs.
Soldiers stood nearby, not quite distractingly close.
Ingrid and Greta made their way to Annabella and Rachelle.
The twins were dressed as usual for such occasions, Ingrid flamboyant, daring and with her hair done up, while Greta was simply formal, with slight attention drawn to her figure.
"Why have we stopped?" Greta asked.
Annabella nodded towards the figure she had noticed.
The twins followed her gaze, and smiled.
"Lovely to see her again," Greta said. "Shall we?"

Annabella led her companions to the lake, where a snowy-haired, apparently young woman clad in plate armour that resembled dragonscale was cleaning her sword. The lake didn't look healthy at all, Annabella's nose clogging up at the smell.
"Snowblood!" Ingrid called.
The woman removed her sword from the water and, before Annabella could follow, had it almost against Ingrid's throat.
Rachelle gulped and pressed close to Annabella.
"Aunt Ingrid!"
Greta hissed, her claws extending.
Annabella sighed. She was, however, amused as well as exasperated.
"I thought this might happen. Don't worry yourself, Rachelle." She raised a hand to wave away the soldiers who had drawn their weapons.
Snowblood's eyes burned with red intensity, and her armour gleamed under Morrslieb's sickly green light. A swarm of bats flew overhead.
"Who dares interrupt me?" Snowblood growled.
"Stop," Ingrid gasped. "You know us."
"That doesn't mean you can just sneak up on me like this. It's been 12 years, Nagash take you."
Annabella smiled.
"It's good to see you after so long. Please, take your sword away from Greta's neck, and we can reconnect properly. I'll even introduce you to my daughter."
Snowblood spun around, spun her sword over, punched Greta with the hilt, and watched as the other vampire dropped into the water.
"Don't sneak up on me."
She sheathed her sword and pulled a sodden Greta out of the water. Then Ingrid and Greta both hugged Snowblood, who broke into laughter.
"Morrslieb, it's good to see you. For a second I thought you were someone else."
Annabella raised an eyebrow. "And who would that have been?"
"Never mind." Snowblood gave each twin a kiss. "Will you join us?"
Annabella froze. On some level she liked Snowblood. The vampire was talented, dashing, charming and extremely fun off the battlefield. On the other hand, it was, at least for Annabella, largely her fault Rachelle, poor girl, didn't have a father. But she still had a certain obligation.
"You seem happy for the moment."
"Mother? If you don't want to see her, why did we stop?"
Annabella gently pushed Rachelle forward.
"Rachelle, do you remember when I told you about a charming young woman your father and I knew and fought alongside before you were born?"
Rachelle nodded, intrigued.
"I'm 400!" Snowblood protested.
"Once 26, always 26," Annabella said. "This is Snowblood. She is a vampire of the Blood Dragon line - I assume you remember everything I taught you about the lines - and a most lethal warrior. But a good friend, too, and..." she caught Snowblood's gaze, and felt uncomfortable. "And other things, too. We broke contact after your father died."
"She calls us her aunts," Geta explained, taking one of Snowblood's arms, while Ingrid took the other, and guiding her towards Rachelle.
Rachelle looked at Snowblood.
"Your armour looks like dragonscale. I like it. Have you met a dragon?"
"No. Regrettably. If I did, I wouldn't have to bite people anymore."
"Is that true, Aunt Greta?" Rachelle asked.
"Yes. Snowblood's grandsire - grandfather - Abhorash drank dragon's blood and freed himself of the curse." Ingrid's fangs flashed in the dark. "She still has all her abiliites and strength, though."
"Trust me, child my only ability is moving quicker than you could imagine," Snowblood said.
"That's served well enough, hasn't it?" Greta observed.
"True." Snowblood looked at Annabella. "I suppose you're happy where you are, Rachelle? Do you want to explore the world, slay monsters?"
Rachelle's eyes widened. She opened ehr mouth to answer.
At which point Annabella firmly shut it for her. Snowblood had taken so much from her already, unintentionally, but she couldn't let her daughter get swept up in that life, too.
"She is perfectly happy at home. Get back in the carriage, Rachelle."
"Umph-" Rachelle fought to removed her mother's hand.
"Now, girl."
Rachelle skulked back into the carriage.
Snowblood shook her head.
"You should let her make her own decisions, Annabella."
"I will. When she's old enough."
"She's 13," Snowblood guessed. "And I could tell her blood pumped strongly when I asked her if she wanted an adventure."
"My daughter doesn't need an adventure now. You may join our carriage to Drakenhof, and I may as well admit we'll probably dance together there. You may spend time with Rachelle. But do not invite her anywhere. Understood?"
"You should be an officer. You apply such discipline."
"My life i difficult enough. My two best friends are vampires. I don't need my girl getting...ideas."
Greta smiled.
"Don't worry. Ingrid and I will look after her."
Annabella nodded to her.
"I know I can rely on you."
"I'll see you at Draknehof, then," Snowblood murmured, turning and striding back to her horse. "Don't wait for me."
"Did you have to be like that?" Ingrid asked. "Rachelle loves her. And I know you love her."
Annabella glared.
"In the carriage, now."
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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
Chronicle of an Exile -Meeting the Count

It was nearing midnight, and quite about time for Rachelle to go to bed. She protested, but she had stayed up long enough already, and now the ballroom was filled with more and more revelers of a distinctly pallid cast. Annabella knew, too, that it wasn't good to be a vampire's castle at midnight. She herself could hardly walk out on the new Count and Countess, but Rachelle had to be sent home before anything untoward could happen.
So it was that Annabella met with her servants at the door that would lead to where the carriages waited, and handed her over. She felt eyes boring into the bakc of her neck, but when she turned, there was nothing to see.
Unsettled, she returned to the ballroom.
The revelers were about half vampire and half human now, dancing to a deathly tune that no other region in the Empire would tolerate. Nor were there priests of Morr, anywhere in the castle. The atmosphere felt cold and oppressive. Dancing with a vampire was most diquieting, clasping dead flesh and looking into red eyes, playing out moves that Annabela had a thousand times before but in a strangely discordant way.
At least Ingrid and Greta provided familiar faces and wee somewhat relieving to spend time with. Snowblood was there, too. Afterwards, Annabella didn't remember whether they danced together.
Vlad and Isabella were naturally the main stars of the event, the new Count and Countess. Vlad seemed old and a little worn out, but his eyes were sharp and Annabella felt compelled to admire and look up to him, as if some dark force emanated from him. Which it probably did.
Isabella was most regal and geentle looking, but with a predatory undercurrent, and no dark aura to make Annabella respect or fear her.
Annabella found herself dancing with the Count, feeling the full force of his aura. It was all she could do to not simply bow down to him there and then, promising complete service.
"I welcome you to my court, lady of the Empire."
"The honour is mine," Annabella forced herself to say.
"I would have liked to welcome your child, too. It is good to meet my new people's future."
"A shame indeed," Annabella said neutrally.
Vlad spun her around and passed her to Isabella, who caught her.
"My lady," Annabella said. "You are much changed since we last spoke."
Isabella smiled.
"The transformation is quite something, I must say. I am like a completely different person now."
"I suppose you are."
"You must know by now who your companions are. It is good to have such links."
"Diplomacy is diplomacy."
"Perhaps you would be joining their ranks?"
Annabella frowned.
Isabella passed her back to Vlad. It felt like being tossed between two dogs playing or fighting, over a kill.
"That is not the only option. We require certain changes to our court before it is truly ours."
"My blood is my own," Annabella said, standing against Vlad's magical charisma.
"Indeed it is. But maybe we could persuade you?"
Isabella clasped her from behind.
"A child, after all, should grow up where she knows best," she said. "Not go trekking all the way over mountains."
"Sylvania is your life, lady. And, in time, hers."
"Keep my daughter out of this," Annabella hissed.
"You'll have to choose," Isabella said. "You'll both have to choose." She pushed Annabella away, leaving her standing in the suddenly too-empty centre of the chamber.

Annabella leaned against the wall in an alcove near the ballroom, feeling extremely tired. She didn't know if being subjected to Vlad's aura caused long-term damage, but it probably wasn't helping. Did they want to make her Rachelle into one of them? She couldn't allow that. Not yet, at least. And certainly not without asking her. Maybe she should just leave Sylvania. Get away from this madness. Why did she even stay?
"Annabella, are you alright/"
She turned at the sound of Greta's voice. Her friend gazed at her with sympathy, and a warmth that reminded her why she stayed.
"Yes, I'm alright. Where's Ingrid?"
"With Snowblood."
Annabella sighed.
"Why did she have to come here?"
"Don't you like her anymore?"
"I do! But after what happened...I can't see her for more than a few minutes without wanting to strangle her. Especially after offering to take Rachelle as her protege."
"She wouldn't do it without asking. And besides, wouldn't travelling the world and slaying dragons be good for the girl?"
"Not necessarily." Annabella held Greta's shoulders. "Why did i not just walk away when I found out what you, Ingrid and Snowblood are?"
Greta bared her fangs.
"Because you like it. The fear. The trepidation. Wondering what will happen next. Now, I'm hungry."
"There are plenty of servants around." But Annabella was already tilting her neck. She was used to this.
"I'm here, now. And what's the use of friends who can't share meals?"

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
True Blood
Sep 29, 2013
New Zealand
Chronicle of an Exile - Royal Writ

"I see the Count and Countess have taken a liking to you," Snowblood said, walking alongside Annabella towards the guest quarters.
"I think they want to make me a vampire."
Snowblood nodded.
"I'm not surprised. They want to secure their rule by adding more of their kind to the ranks. Well, my kind too, I suppose, but They're not my kind. If that -"
"I understand." Annabella knew the bloodlines did not get along, usually. Snowblood's fondness for Ingrid and Greta was an exception.
"And you'd be most useful for them, too. A skilled warrior, with a keen eye."
"Are you suggesting I accept their offer?"
"Not at all!" Snowblood squeezed Annabella's hand, her cold, clammy fingers most disquieting even after years of association with the night walkers. "You know what I want."
Annabella stopped at the door to the chamber assigned to her.
"I can't. Not yet, at least. Rachelle needs me, and I can't -"
"I know." Snowblood's eyes were understanding. "You adore her, and I can see why." She released her grip. "Dawn is coming. I must rest. Then I hear tale of an infestation of orcs in Ostermark."
"Have fun with that."
"Thanks." Snowblood looked mildly disappointed, but nodded. "I will return when your girl can fend for herself."
Annabella watched Snowblood stride away, wondering what, exactly, she would do at that time.

Annabella took a late morning carriage home, even knowing Ingrid and Greta would not be able to depart until evening, wanting to hurry away from Draknehof. She'd had a bad feeling all night, and was increasingly sure the best move would simply be to leave. Living with two vampires she mostly trusted was one thing. Living under two she didn't even know was something else entirely. But her hopes of a stealthy return home were dashed.
First, she was greeted by Rachelle rushing out from the front gate, a greeting she welcomed, accepting ehr daughter's hug and exchanging pretty words.
Then she stepped into the entrance hall to see Ingrid and Greta.
She glanced at Rachelle.
"They told me it would be better not to inform you," she explained, eyes downward.
"It isn't your fault. Ingrid, Greta, I thought you'd stay at Drakenhof for the day."
"We were going to," Ingrid answered. "But then we received this."
Greta stepped forward and presented an envelope to Annabella. Opened and re-sealed.

My children, Ingrid and Greta Tannison
Recent developments you have reported intrigue me.
I invite you to the Pinnacle, with such company as you may choose. I wish to hear your report on the new Count in person.
Make all haste to the Pinnacle.
Her Eternal Majesty, Neferata

"An invite from the queen?" Rachelle asked. "That is something!"
"Yes, it is something," Annabella agreed. "It is quite the trip to the Pinnacle from here, isn't it? Across the Worlds Edge Mountains."
Greta nodded.
"We will manage."
"If we encounter anything, it will pass the time," Ingrid added.
"When shall we see you again?" Rachelle asked.
"You will perhaps see us in about six months," Greta replied. Noticing Rachelle's disappointment, she continued. "We will bring back what trinkets we may, and perhaps you will come with us next time."
"Or we may be gone," Annabella said.
"This is our home, and I know you love your aunts. But now with vampire count and countess, I am no longer sure it is safe for you."
Rachelle narrowed her eyes.
"Mother....I can defend myself. You know how well I can fight."
"In training. With family. What if something were to happen while you aunts were away?"
Ingrid and Greta looked at one another.
"You could bring her with you," Ingrid suggested. "The Queen would love to meet you, I'm sure. We've told her much."
Greta's eyes rolled.
Annabella couldn't really tell her off for that, but taking Rachelle to the Pinnacle, through the Worlds Edge Mountains? Ludicrous.
"I'm 13. I can make my own decisions," Rachelle argued.
"Can you, now?" Annabella asked.
Greta sighed.
"I love you, Annabella, but you're being stubborn. I know what Rachelle's capable of. We all know what 'company we may choose' means. And we know Vlad and Isabella want you."
"Come with us," Ingrid insisted. "We'll protect you on the way, and no one at the Pinnacle would dare hurt our mortal companions."
"Besides, we've spent the last 10 years living with you. It's about time you at least visited our home," Ingrid said.
Annabella couldn't deny a certain adventurous spark within her, as when Snowblood had long ago informed her and her husband of her latest monster hunt. And she couldn't just sit here and wait and see what would happen.
She looked at Rachelle, who fixed with a pleading gaze.
"Alright. We'll come with you."

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