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Clear/Translucent Minis?

Nov 22, 2011
Looking at all these shiny new ghost minis, I can't be the only one who has admired the paint jobs but thought, "You know what would be easier than spending an afternoon trying to come up with color scheme that makes them look see-through? ACTUAL see-through minis!"

Maybe something along these lines:

Zealot Shop - Zealot Miniatures

What are everyone's thoughts? I myself have started basing a lot of my minis on clear perspex bases (bought here) because then they match whatever terrain they're atop, and I do a lot of both HeroQuest and Warhammer so they're never going to match everything. I know purists tend to dislike this because it invalidates the time and effort they spend to base their minis, but I think a clear ghost mini on a clear base would be a lot more atmospheric than a ghost that can only ever look translucent in front of one type of backdrop. Plus, you could still highlight and shade to emphasize detail on the mini.

Does anyone have any insight into whether clear plastic would be more difficult to cast or paint? Besides, obviously, not being able to do a base coat/primer? (I think we can safely assume it would be more expensive...)

By the way, if you've ever even HEARD of HeroQuest or DnD and you don't already own everything on Zealot Mini's site, you owe it to yourself to delve the site!

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Nice idea! I can see where you are coming from, and they would potentially look more ghostly. I think it would certainly need blend between the clear plastic and some artistic touch-up to get the right feel, highlight some of the detail which may otherwise just merge into the model.

I don't have any knowledge on if it would be more difficult to cast, I imagine the main thing would be getting the right material and process to ensure it remains translucent during the process. It would be interesting to find out.