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Colonial 2011 GT

Dec 16, 2008
Congrats to Larry Mottola, Greg Pearson and Alex Schmidt the only 3 Vampire players but also made the top 10 at Colonial GT this year. Larry also won Overall.

I wasnt able to attend this year due to work but can anyone tell me what Larry fielded. I am pretty sure that both Alex and Larry fielded at least a horde of Grave Guard and Greg fielded a horde of Ghouls.

1 Larry Mottola Vampire Counts 89 15 11 115(Overall, Players Choice)
2 Brad Close Daemons 80 13 15 108(2nd Overall)
3 Mike Norton Daemons 79 12.6 10 101.6(3rd Overall)
4 Travis Wayforth Daemons 78 9.6 13 100.6(4th Overall)
5 Corey Reynolds Dark Elves 77 11.6 12 100.6(5th Overall)
6 Greg Pearson Vampire Counts 64 17 19 100(Best Appereance)
7 Brian Moyer Lizardmen 79 13 8 100(Best General)
8 Alex Schmidt Vampire Counts 77 8 12 97
9 Ludwig Skaven 67 16 13 96(3rd Best Appereance)
10 Eric Frye Empire 74 10 10 94


Grave Guard
Apr 17, 2010
Thanks for the kind words! Colonial was a blast, and it marks my 4th Overall win through the years with my favorite army ever, but most importantly, my FIRST Player's Choice after a few near-misses! Colonial was great as usual, and I highly recommend it to anyone considering a NE GT next year.

- Larry


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Feb 25, 2008
Nicked this from the warhammer forum xD. Been wanting to try that light vamp for some time now. MalumMonachus suggested something like that but more of a close combat build. Still, a very effective list with an answer to most things out there.

Level 3(4) Vampire Lord w/ Helm, Periapt, Wristsbands, Charmed Shield, Dark Acolyte, Summon Ghouls, MotBA
Level 1 Vampire Thrall w/ 2+ vs Flaming, Dispel Scroll, Ironcurse Icon, Forbidden Lore (Light), Summon Ghouls
Wight King BSB w/ GW, Drakenhoff

35 Ghouls w/ Ghast
30 Ghouls w/ Ghast
20 Skeletons w/ Full Command, Lichebone Banner

34 Grave Guard w/ Full Command, Banner of the Barrows

4 Wraiths
Black Coach

Oh, and congrats by the way! Well done! :). Glad to see that we can still compete for those top spots.
Jan 12, 2010
Congrats on the win! Nice to see a fellow VC player do well.

Was the list 2400k or 2500k, I guess 2500k?

The difference with my List which won me a Grand Tournament, is that I invested in an additional Necromancer (VDM, Scroll) where this list has additional grave guards.

As my Light Vampire didn't need to carry a scroll I had some points left on magical allowance and decided I wanted to try him inside the Grave Guard. In the past, the Grave Guard moved/charged/vanhelsed outside 'vampire' range, and reduced their ability to march after killing and persueing the enemy.
The 2+ ward vs flaming is ace, especially if he can end-up in a challenge with the magicla flaming attacks an enemy character can bring, increasing the chance to pass saves on regen with the rest of the unit (like i did last weekend when I face skulltaker inside a unit of Bloodletters). Whenever I need to epand my list to 2500, I would also increase the ghouls from 24 to 30.

@ Larro: In the end I decided to go for a normal 4+ ward save on my Lord. Would it have made any difference if you would have taken the talisman of preservation?
The main reason for the 4+ ward was miscasts result-wounds (i don't want to enter into the discussion with players whether or not the wristbands can be used) and some potential CC, sometimes against suicide charges, or lone chariots, I didn't want to end-up in.

For clarity I add my 2400 list:

Lord Vampire Lord
Additional Level
VP Summon Ghouls
VP Dark Acolyte
VP Master of Black Arts
EI Helm of Commandment
AI Crimson Gem of Lahmia
Ta Talisman Of Preservation
MA Charmed Shield

Her0 Vampire
VP Forbidden Lore (Light) + ION
AI Black Periapt
MA Flayed Hauberk
MW Biting Blade
Ta Dragon Bane Gem

Hero Necromancer (VDM)
AI Dispel Scroll
EI Ironcurse icon

Hero Wight King
MB Drakenhoff Banner

Core 21 Skelletons
Full Command
Lichebone Pennant

Core 24 Ghouls
1 Ghast

Core 24 Ghouls
1 Ghast

Special 29 Grave Guard
Great Weapons
Full Command
Standard of Barrows

Ra 4 Wraiths
Ra 1 Black Coach


Black Knight
Aug 30, 2010
Great job taking first. I liked the look of your army and wished I could have had the chance to play against it.

I took my Ogres because I couldn't get my Vampire Counts painted in time. It was the first GT I've ever been too (never had a fully painted army before), and I had a lot of fun. Went 3-1-1 and took 21st, with Ogres. Not too bad I think :)


Vampire Count
True Blood
Mar 12, 2008
Is anybody from CN going to the 2012 Colonial GT? I plan to be there and with 80 slots full it should be a blast! Looking forward to it and playing in the character bash.....