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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
This thread is for concepts and ideas that have been agreed upon and voted through (if required) for the VC 40K Project.

Holding posts for each section will be made below.

Note that the ideas here are not set until the unit is voted through. Therefore concepts can change, units added etc.

Thread Index:

Special Characters
Not yet discussed

Chiro Progenitor - Not yet discussed
Chiro 2nd gen - Not yet discussed
(The above could be equipped with agile Dreadnought).
Cythor Fiend Warlord. - Not yet discussed
Possibly needs another HQ Choice

Cythor Fiend Veterans - Not yet discussed
Chiro Squad - (young generations) - Not yet discussed
Juggernaughts - Thralls that have been surgically altered to carry sheild generators. Very heavily armoured but slow. - Not yet discussed
At least 1, if not another 2 elite units needed

Zombies - Under discussion
Young Cythors - wings not developed - Under discussion
Human troops - Basic choice, with the "enhanced" humans being an upgrade option. - Not yet discussed
Enhanced Humans - Humans who are not chiro, but have a better level of nano enhancement than zombies - Not yet discussed
At least 3 more troop choices needed

Fast Attack
Cythor Fiends - Not yet discussed
Stealth Cythors - Not yet discussed
Assassin type Chiro - Not yet discussed
One or two more choices needed

Heavy Tank Type Skimmer.- Not yet discussed
Uber Cannon. - Not yet discussed
Chiro agile Dreadnought. - Not yet discussed
Cythor Monster. - Not yet discussed
Maybe one more choice?

Weaponry - Under discussion

Armour / Shields - Under discussion

Pysker Powers - Not yet discussed

Army Wide Special Rules - Under discussion

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