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Core Competancy 2011


Vampire Count
True Blood
Apr 16, 2008
Hi everybody,

After some technical delays, Core Comp 2011: Real Gamer Wear Pink is ready to register! September 24 & 25 at the Chicago Battle Bunker, $35 to play. Here's the rules:

Create a 2400pt legal 8th Edition Warhammer Army. The rules for your army are for the rules and books in effect on September 1st, 2011, including FAQs.

Special Characters or Named Characters are allowed.

No White Dwarf Lists or Web Lists (Cathay, Norse, etc.) or ask your opponent Lists.

The IndyGT Dwarfs of Chaos & Dogs of War armies will be allowed.

Bring an ambassador on a base no larger than a 40mm square themed for your army. If your ambassador is wearing pink or has a pink ribbon on it, you will receive a bonus point.

Armies and ambassadors must have a minimum of 3 colors on all models and be attractively based.

Have fun.

Lists are to be exchanged AFTER the game, not before.

Use Victory Points as described in the rulebook to determine the outcome. If a player concedes, their opponent will receive full Victory Points, as well as full Objective Points.

Lists and payments are due by September 1st, 2011. If you turn in your list and pay by this date, you will receive 2 bonus points. If you do not pay by this date, the entry cost will be $40. Please contact the organizer for payment details.

Battle Points: 9 for a Win, 6 for a Draw, 3 for a Loss. Total points possible: 45

Bonus Battle Points: Up to 3 Possible per Scenario. Total points possible: 15

Sportsmanship: Your opponent will be asked two questions: “Did your opponent show good sportsmanship, measure distances accurately, and rules disputes were solved amicably?” and “Would you voluntarily play this opponent again?”. Each ‘Yes’ is worth 2 points. If you receive 3 ‘No’s total in between both categories, you may be asked to leave. Each Best Sportsmanship vote you receive will be worth 2 points each Total points possible: 30

Painting and Appearance: Paint judges will use the AdeptiCon Painting Checklist to be posted later. Total points possible: 25

Composition: Each of your opponents will be asked: “Would you voluntarily play this army again?” Each ‘Yes’ is worth 1 point. Total points possible: 5


FluffyBunny Award: Each player will be given one vote for the FluffyBunny in terms of theme to the list and backstory. The person that receives the most votes will receive 5 FluffyBunny Points, the second most will receive 4 FluffyBunny Points, so forth and so on. This will be added to the scores for Sportsmanship, Painting & Appearance, & Composition, as well as all earned Bonus Points to determine the FluffyBunny.

Additional Bonus Points:

+1 for turning in written background describing your army’s theme. The background must be at least 2 full paragraphs (min 5 sentences for each paragraph).

+1 for wearing a pink shirt or breast cancer support shirt on Saturday.

Players Choice: Each player gets 2 votes, you cannot vote for the same person twice, and you cannot vote for themselves.

Cap is at 60 players. Go. PM me for registration and payment info.

Here is a link to where you can contact the guy: http://www.wwhfb.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2711