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Count Darvaleth(Dark Elves) Vs. Forgottenlor (Tomb Kings)

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Master Necromancer
True Blood
Feb 5, 2009
forgottenlor said:
So apparently I'm to stupid to find the upload function. At the bottom is the thread review, and above that the attachments, and above that the dice roller, above that the post options and the thread subscription, and above that the message text. What am I missing?

I'm fine with the classical open battle.
When doing a (full) NEW REPLY, it should be between the thread view and the attachment upload!

I see that you are the one who opened the thread.

Did you specify players by full user name?
ie. Forgottenlor, Count Darvaleth

Failure to specify user names will result in an unusable game thread.

If that's the case, start a new thread and specify users when you first open the thread. You can either link your game threads like I did in my battle with Vekky/Trevy. Or just re-post your lists, since your failure occurred so early.

This is a new process, so hopefully you can both bear through some minor issues that can/will hopefully be improved upon.

Any problems, let me know... if I'm online feel free to PM me about them.

~ Bishop
Jun 23, 2008
Due to technical issues this thread is closed and our battle will continue here:

Not open for further replies.