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Crypt Horrors Healing ability

So I was browsing GW's AoS official page on facebook and came across this interesting question.

"When models heal, such as the Crypt Horrors which each model heals one per hero phase... Do we heal one per model in the unit? Or can the unit ever only heal one because as a function of the rules no more than one model can ever be wounded?"

So how would you interpret it? Would you heal 1 wound per hero phase? Or heal 1 wound per model in that unit per hero phase? Like since damage get stacked up on 1 model does healing stack up too?


Vampire Count
True Blood
I believe both notions of the rule apply here because they would not get in the way of each other:

- Since only 1 model can ever be wounded at a time in any unit AND each model can heal 1 wound, you'll end up healing 1 wound per unit regardless.

It is awesome that AoS really makes a disctintion between Healing Wounds and Being damaged by, as opposed to 8th when you had to "Regain wounds lost earlier in battle" or "adding a wound (adding as in... giving it +1 wounds characteristic or adding a point of damage to?)"
yea i've always played it as you say, but it's kinda dumb that you can transfer damage from 1 model to another but not healing :/