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CSM codex now sold out on the website, update maybe?

Dec 22, 2009
Hey all, been reading some more black library novels about Ahriman so iv become fixated on making a tzeentch CSM army, however the codex is sold out on the GW website.....does this mean theres an imminent update due?

Normally stuff only stays as sold out when its getting changed, especially codex/armybooks.

Anyone know if it could be true?

Its not like the codexs' are hard to keep in print for sale so seems odd for it to be out.

cheers fellows
Aug 13, 2015
Maybe, since the old one was updated fairly long ago (October 2012) so they may update some of the rules and stuff. Be cool if they did xD


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
The old one was ages ago, but new codeces generally do not appear out of nowhere with no rumor buzz before hand, and the only remotely plausible chaos rumors for 40k are some kind of tzeentch thing, maybe a tzeentch daemonkin book, to coincide with the release of a new lord of change model for age of sigmar.

The current book is still up on the US page, so it's probably nothing, just a waiting for a stock refill or whatever for UK stores. If any sort of change is coming for that book, it might be going paperback, but a new codex simply does not appear to be on the horizon. Not for this year, or early next year even.

And rumor (from semi-reliable sources, including some who ere making noise about End Times and the scrapping of fantasy well before any of us ahad even heard the term 'age of sigmar) is that 40k may be going the AoS, rules-in-the-box, no faction books route in the not too distant future. Frankly, I don't give great odds on CSMs ever getting another codex. One or two more daemonkin books, sure, but not another main book. And if they do get one, I doubt it will be much more than cosmetic changes to the current book, as it was to the book that came before it, especially with the daemonkin books enshrining the current stats, special rules, and points costs for existing CSM units.


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Mar 3, 2008
Probably going softcover, with the release schedule as it is I cannot see them plonking CSM in there somewhere. They are far too busy with the 30K plastics around November.

That said I NEED a new CSM dex. With Legions. If they continue in this 'recent traitors only, there are no more Legions' trend I'm off to repaint my models and add them to my 30K force. Most might be scattered into warbands but they still bear their Legion name proudly and there are at least the Word Bearers, Blak Legion and Iron Warriors that still work as one cohesive force.
Besides how can you even play new traitors with this dex? Did they all dump their modern equipment?! You cannot really play anything with this dex fluff-wise and yet the loyalists get a cool dex we can drool at.

Yeah I'm butthurt :tongue:
Oct 2, 2014
I thought i remember reading a post over at warseer that one of the regular info hint guys said no to the AOS rules for 40k. But they may loose the codex. The way it's going I could see them only really needing a few other than the main book anyway.guys like the wolves kinda need their own due to them being so differnt than say ultra smurfs.