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Custom Scenario: Necromancer's Tower



Just wanted to share a scenario I just came up with that I will try shorty. If you want, you are welcome to give feedback.

The scenario features a Necromancer trying to summon Nagash to the world. Two armies unite for the common cause of stopping the Necromancer in his plans.

Setup: One player (me) controls the Vampire army. I have a tower in the centre of my deployment zone, and in that tower, I place my Necromancer. It is a Necromancer Lord, but without any other equipment.

Outside the tower, I setup every single painted Undead miniature I got (a bit over 5000pts) protecting the tower. The troops will be lightly equipped. Thus no super powerful kill-all Lords, but rather just a few items and skills spread out throughout the army.

On the other side of the table, my two friends set up their armies of approx 2000 points each.

Win conditions: The united armies win if they manage to fight their way past the undead to reach the tower within 6 turns and kill the necromancer. The undead win if the necromancer is alive after 6 turns.

Special rules: The necromancer inside the tower may not leave it. No other undead may enter the tower. The necromancer may never cast spells, nor dispel or do anything. He is fully concentrated on the ritual of raising Nagash. The tower is totally immune to all magic and missile fire, the necromancer inside can only ever be killed through close combat.

Since the Necromancer (being my General) is fully occupied with the dark ritual, his magic to hold up the vast undead army falters. Thus every turn I must roll for crumble on every single unit (including lone characters) as if my general was already dead! That way, my troops will swiftly drop in numbers, making it at all possible for the opponent's to reach the tower at all. It will also create tense and hopefully funny moments when my flanking units dissapear through crumble just before their anticipated devastating flank or rear charge!

My strongest units for this scenario is a horde of graveguard and a Lord on zombie dragon. My many units of zombies and skeletons will probably not achieve much, as they will quickly crumble away. All chaff will also meet its doom in the very first few turns as crumble takes its toll. But then , I do not need to kill my opponent's so much as just delay them. And a Vargulf, a unit of Vargeists, my Necromancer Lord on Manticore, Mortis Engine and the Black Knights have good enough wounds and/or Ld to last long enough to delay, I hope.

Well. I am sooo looking forward to trying this scenario out. Do you think it will work? Or will my army die away too quickly? maybe the enemy should only have like 1500 points each, now that I think of it? (and yeah, any flying heroes they have that can just fly and assault the tower will be first priority to hunt down for my dragon and manticore, for sure!)
Jul 15, 2011
Sounds pretty cool, however pretty sure this is one of the Scenarios in the Nagash: End Times book. Don't think that you need to really limit how many characters/heroes/equipment you have.. *Spoilers* *Spoilers* In the book when they do it, you have Arkhan and Mannfred von carstein leading the armies in the super de duper powerful forms in addition to their armies which include Lord level Krell and a host of other Vampire warriors.

I think if you do it as just a necromancer trying to Riase Nagash then you probably should have your opponents have less points, I think 4k vs. 5k with your imposed crumble will not make for a very fun game for you. ou could get rid of the crumble rule nad just say becuase the necro is drawing on so much power in order to bring back Nagash he has soaked the area literally in death magic giving you some form of bonus.

its a cool concept and i'd love to hear how the game goes :)


Cool if "my" scenario is already in the book! Funny how one unconciously can be inspired by stuff one isn't even aware of. I promise, had no idea the scenario was in the book! But i guess scenarios about Nagash is truly in everyone's dreams right now.

Well, anyways. How much do you think crumble will actually affect my forces? My thinking is that all important units (lord on zombiedragon, lord on manticore, horde of graveguard, black knights and varghulf) will not really be affected by crumble that much. And i will have plenty of necromancers and vampire characters around to cast resurrection spells.

But then, I do not know. Anyone who have lost their general on the very first turn that can tell how much impact crumbling for an entire game actually have?

My plan is to setup the necromancer's tower 30" away from the enemy at the beginning of the game (and have all my forces deployed more or less around it). It will thus take the opponent's about half the game, 3 turns, to reach the tower. and that means I will only have to stall them for the remaining 3 turns to pull off a win.

not that winning is at all important. I want a balanced and close scenario, that's what matters.

I will most likely face orcs and dark elves as the attackers.


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Dec 25, 2010
My Lord threw himself down a magic hole first turn in a tournament game, and 2/3 of my army proceeded to crumble around me. It was a slaughter.


I just played the scenario today! It actually worked really well!

My army consisted of a bit over 5000 points of vampire counts, using everything I had painted (which meant that no characters had any upgrades or magic items at all, since there was no room for that in my lord or hero slots!)

my opponents played 1600 points warriors of chaos, and 1600 points dark elves. while I selected everything i had painted, they used fairly maximized lists.

as predicted, a large chunk of my army crumbled during the first half of the game. All etherals and all chaff dissapeared before even reaching the foe. My Mortis Engine crumbled away the very first turn. Also, not being allowed to march meant my troops were very slow, which only added to their failure to reach combat.

Having no magic items or upgrades on any characters, my forces really struggled to make any impact early on. They just couldn't bite back. At one point I had a unit of 10 black knights, with a mounted vampire lord and wight king charging into a chaos spawn and only inflicting a single wound! the entire unit then got charged in the flank by some chaos warriors and ended up dying without taking a single warrior with them.

Then my other vampire lord on zombie dragon charged a unit of cold one knights, got killed and the dragon crumbled away... that was very disheartening.

All in all it was a nice scenario. The only dissapointment was that combat were somewhat limited. For the first half of the game, the chaos warriors and elves mostly stayed back while my army crumbled away, and only in the latter half of the game did any major action take place, as they desperately tried to push through to the tower. but by that time I had my many blocks of zombies and skeletons to block the way, and I could raise even more to fill the gaps. I even had a massive horde of grave guard positioned just in front of the tower, that never got to fight.
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Overall, the scenario was balanced and fun. next time my opponent's will know they have to start the push sooner, and I bet there will be more action then. And maybe I will be allowed to add some vital magic items to boost my characters and units, so that I could actually do some killing.

I would love to hear from you guys if you too try it out. or if you want my details for exactly how the scenario was executed, just send me a message!