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DE versus TK help please?

Aug 16, 2007
okay so i have a battle in about a week from this point and i (again ) have no idea of what he's gonna take (only know he plays TK). he's going against my DE and i think it's gonna be hard. Does anyone know what i should expect and what i should take to kill it?
the only models i have available are: -16 RxB men (command)
-10 corsairs (no command)
-10 Exe's (no command)
-10 BG (no command)
-1 RBT
-1 assassin

i know, it sucks but he said i could use black knights "counts as" cold one knights and assassin "counts as" noble and some other things of my VC army if needed (like skeleton spearmen counts as DE warriors with spears)
it's going to be a 1500p battle (my second battle, hooray!), he's pretty pissed about my massacre against him last time
so anyone that knows what i should expect and how i should kill it, please help me!
thanks in advance!


Grave Guard
Aug 12, 2007
wel - TK have the same kind of weakness as Vampires, the heirophant. Basically 1 magic user acts in the same way as our general - kill him and voila.
however - he is not the general and units can use the generals (tomb prince probably) Ld for tests so u need to kill both really.
Can probably expect a TP and 2 LP.
Looking at ur stuff - i would take the RBT, take 2 sorcs with 2 scrolls, seal of ghrond + darkstar cloak. Gives u a good magic phase (which u need) and a noble with a good save and prehaps crimson death. Also take the Exe's, a CoC if u can proxy 1 and some COKs.
then take the Xbows, DR if u can proxy them and corsairs.

for tactics - basically use ur superior speed, be careful of his magic! to set up combats that u can win in one or two rounds. Kill stuff and move on dont get bogged down... and kill the heiro if u get the chance. Shadows magic on the noble could help here....
Aug 16, 2007
Ok, really, thanks for your help!
i'll post a battle report (hopefully , even with pics!) as soon as i played the battle.
Thanks again!


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Moved to tactics forum

Tomb Kings suffer immensely without a Lord choice. You avoid such perilous treasures as my favourite item in Warhammer - the Destroyer of Eternities. Play on that in a big way and try and make a very fighty Noble (Seal of Ghrond, Armour of Darkness, Halberd) with an offensive support mage (Darkstar Cloak, Dispel Scroll) and you will overwhelm the Tomb Kings in their own phase - this is the key to beating them!