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Death Allegiance Save Question

At my local GW store they are saying that I was doing the death alliance 6+ (or 5+) save incorrectly. Here's how I was doing it:

Saves Before Damage
Opponent's 1 Attack hits
Opponent's 1 Attack wounds
I roll the armour save and fail the save
I roll 1 die on the alliance save, if I roll a 6 (or 5) I take no damage.
Attack would have done 3 damage but I do not suffer any damage since I made my allegiance save

Here's what they are saying.

Saves After Damage
Opponent's 1 Attack Hits
Opponent's 1 Attack Wounds
I roll the armour save and fail the save
Opponent says it is 3 damage from that one wound
I roll 3 dice. If I roll one 6 and two 1s, I would still take 2 damage.

The wording on the ability is "inflicted wounds or mortal wounds". Which way does everyone else do this?
I knew Wight king BSB was after because it only comes into effect if the model is slain by the attack. But good to know about the allegiance ability.
It's strange to me though. I think ward saves in 8e happened prior to multiple wounds coming into effect. But I guess AoS is very different.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Yes, in AoS, ignoring or preventing Wounds happens right after you determine how many wounds a model takes (D3, D6, 3, etc). Those rules make a lot more sense than previous Ward saves from 8th, if you ask me. They distribute damage more reliably, instead of being a second filter which could not be modified.

Makes Phoenix Guard a bit more manageable for their price.