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Death Grand Alliance 1st Time Tournament

Jan 28, 2011
So little to no experience with AoS and diving in at the deep end. Going to a tournament on Saturday and have already submitted my list but looking for advice on how to best utilise it. So all comments welcome, even if you think it's a terrible list:

Wight King on Skeletal Steed (General)
Ruler of the Night
Cursed Book


Vargulf Courtier


30 Ghouls

10 Skeletons (FC)
Spears and Crypt Shields

10 Skeletons (FC)
Spears and Crypt Shields

30 Grave Guard (FC)
Great Wight Blades

3 Spirit Host


Skull Catapult

The plan was to buff the GG's with the Wight King and Necromancer giving them 3 attacks, double pile in and attack. Also benefit from -1 to hit if the Wight King runs with them and if the Necrotect is in range they get re-roll 1's to wound.

Skull Catapult firing twice with Terrorghiest screaming at targets (3D6 or D6+6?, I think I'll take the beast war scroll since it's not a flesh eaters court army)

Vargulf regenerating the ghouls whilst doing some serious damage and helping in any defense the ghouls may have to do with the skeletons.

Spirit Hosts looking for 6's on harder to kill items and hopefully road blocking.