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Death in other realms? - Help me, please!


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
I'm still new to the fluff that Age of Sigmar has built up around itself but I'm looking to invest more into the second edition, and I need some help catching up with this thing in particular.

So we have the different mortal realms that are all pretty neatly divided between the factions - Nagash's got Shyish, Sigmar is in Azyr, Greenskins in Ghur, and so on. The inhabitants correspond well with the wind of magic that built the realm but I've also seen others discuss how to theme and model armies (including death) from the different realms. Skeletons from the realm of metal, light or fire, for example.

So, how exactly are the realms maintained and governed? Are things and people free to inhabit the realms as they please? With Sigmar being at war with Nagash, how is the situation looking for death in Azyr?

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
I've just got the new core book, so I can actually help with AoS fluff queries.

So it turns out that whilst each realm has something of a primary faction (Orruks in Ghur etc), each faction exists for various reasons in other realms. For the living races it's pretty simple, humans are introduced to each by Sigmar early on, dwarfs migrate looking for gold and so on.

For the dead, there's a couple of different reasons:

  • Necromancy is still prevalent across the realms for the same reasons as before, and so they raise the dead in their realm (all the different magics work in the different realms, but stronger in their own realm)
  • Invasions from Shyish as has attempted either directly or via subterfuge to gain more land. A good example of this was a piece of land in the Realm of Life (Ghur) that was ceeded to Nagash by Alarielle in order to agree to a truce
  • The recent necroquake now appears to have spread the power of death across all realms, allowing the dead to rise of their own accord
  • Then there is of course the usual vampires spreading secretly to raise their own bases of power, and Wight Kings in AoS are intelligent in their own right now, rather than being mindless followers
So, plenty of reasons for the dead to be in each realm