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Deathrattle 1k generals handbook list

Mar 21, 2016
Here is what I have going for a 1k list, let me know what you think.

Legion of Death - 60 pts
30 Skeletons w/Spears - 240 pts
10 Skeletons w/Spears - 80 pts
10 Skeletons w/Spears - 80 pts
10 Grave Guard - 160 pts
5 Black Knights - 120 pts
Wight King w/Black Axe - 120 pts
- Ruler of the Night
- Ring of Immortality

Wight King w/Infernal Standard - 120 pts
- Ring of Immortality

Total 980 pts

Couple questions for you folks.

Can I have 2 Rings of Immortality? The only restriction I see is the same model can only have one artifact but, I may have missed something. If I can only have one, what should the other artifact be?

The two units of 10 skeletons, should I put swords on those? Not sure if the extra reach is needed in such a small unit and might be better to get the better hit roll? Thoughts?

My thinking is that between the extra movement, normal save, save from death allegiance ability and rescue from the wight king I should get most of the skeletons into combat against range and have some help against high damage/rend armies while in combat. I know the Wight Kings will have a giant target on them but I think all Death heroes will.

What do you guys think?


Vampire Count
True Blood
Oct 28, 2011

It seems you are correct, since Artifacts can be generated randomly, there would be a chance for it to repeat itself and by that logic, you should get to duplicate them, if needed.

Now, with an army without Wizards, you will need to make sure you'll prevail before their spells wreck havoc upon your troops. The advantage you have is recursion and mitigation of damage, while having much more durable Heroes.

The one thing I would change is the Grave Guard. For the same amount of points you can get 3 Necropolis Knights, that are much more durable, have better recursion, they would have around the same damage output and have higher wound-count, while also being more mobile themselves and can battle behind any of those 10-Skeleton units without a problem.

Swords on those skeletons are correct for me.

If you think you'd be better of with another Artifact, try using the Cursed Book which is a great defensive item in combat. Try it on your Infernal Standard so he can function as a debuffer in combat, or the Tomb Blade so he can heal the General, if so needed.

In a wild idea, instead of using Ruler of the Night, you could also use Master of the Black Arts to have a wizard in your army, at least, and cast Shields on units, leave those 160pts as Reinforcements and use a Sword of Unholy power to summon Hexwraiths, for instance, or two units of Bat Swarms to deal with ranged units.