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Desperately confused

Jan 28, 2011
So I'm awaiting Christmas morning before I get the general's handbook as the fiancé purchased it for me but won't cough it over until then. In the meantime I am trying to understand the rules surrounding summoning / adding troops to an army.

For example..... If I am playing in a 2000 point tournament and intend to raise a terrorghiest, do I have to include that models points in the 2000 and then simply leave it off the table at the start?

Does this then also apply to ghouls / horrors "added" via a courtier or is this simply replenishing the ranks and cannot go above the original starting number. For example if I cast grave call from an abhorrent ghoul king, should I have reserved the points prior or can I add D6 models above the starting number?

Very confused with the differentiation between summoning and adding via non summoning spells and abilities.

Could someone please explain in the simplest terms, maybe give some examples.

Apr 21, 2012
It's spelled out in the General's Handbook, but essentially, any new units brought onto the field by summoning spells or other abilities (Ghoul King's Command Ability to bring in a unit of 10 Ghouls, for example) mus be paid for out of your reserve points. Essentially, you can set aside a portion of your total army points and newly summoned units come from those points.

You don't need to specify what those points will be spent on, beforehand, though. So you can set aside 320 points of your 2000 point army and then use them to summon a TG, or some fell bats, or a ghoul unit, or whatever, according to the specifics of the spell or ability. Death Wizards know ALL of the Death warscroll summoning spells, so you can summon any units from your Grand Alliance that as a summoning spell for it.

Anything that adds models to an existing unit does not need to be paid for out of the reserve points, but those abilities can never bring a unit above its starting size.

So, all of the Flesh Eater abilities that add models to the units can be used to replenish losses, but not bring units above their starting size. This also applies to things like the zombies' ability, and unit banners that replace losses.

New units require spending reserve points.
Replenishing losses in an existing unit does not use points, and can't exceed its starting size.


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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
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