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Dipping a toe, Warmaster scale

I've wanted to give Kings Of War a go for such a long time, and my old friend and regular opponent has decided he wants to try the rules out on Wednesday. He and some friends used to play Warhammer so they're wary of getting into big army building again; they want to try playing at Warmaster scale. I assume just transposing all the measurements from inches to centimetres should keep the scale.

I have two questions for you guys. First, any list building or rules advice for a guy straight outta 8th? Second, we'll use card stock for Wednesday but I've fancied an Epic scale army for years, does anyone know the basing convention for Warmaster and how easy it'd be to use an army for both games using this method? Needless to say I'll be pushing for the others to step up to 28mm if it takes off but they might not want the work.
While I do not know much about Warmaster basing, I know that in KOW minis don't actually matter as much to a unit as it's footprint. technically, you could place one goblin in the middle of a 200X120MM base and call it a horde, and it would be no different in gameplay terms as a full cohort of goblins filling every millimeter of space available. I would say base the figures for Warmaster, and just see how many Warmaster bases you can fit on KOW unit footprints, and don't sweat the logistics. do what looks good to push around.

For the list building, there aren't many game-winning tricks. It's pretty well balanced, and generally units in the same niche perform similarly across armies. The trick is more getting a variety of units with different uses and abilities and having them work together, or playing to your factions strengths (E.G- Orcs like melee. Don't ask much else of them.) A quick note is heroes are not nearly as big in KOW as they are in warhammer. Most lords and heros operate more as support staff to the soldiers. There are some large and dragon shaped exceptions, but heroes generally don't last long against units of troops unsupported, and serve better as another attacker on the flanks then a show-stopper.

All that said, a few tips I've seen a lot are:

As a heuristic, you should try to have one unit with the inspiring special ability for every 500 points of units you have. If you keep the inspire heroes mobile and close to their units, you are able to re-roll nerve tests in combat, which can be quite useful. There are usually two types of inspire hero, one who is about 50-70 points, that is just a dude with a flag, and a more expensive option, generally called a king or a chief or similar, who could help out in combat. The first type is very squishy, but If you have a few points left after making the main force, a lot of people like to give them cheap artifacts that give them ranged attacks, so they can contribute to combat without being in danger themselves.

Combat in Kings of war is way more about movement than brute force. When units fight, they charge, go back an inch, and usually get counter charged. You don't really get the grinding feel you get in warhammer combat, and units typically can't take a lot of sustained punishment. If a unit can get another in the flank or rear, they get to double or triple their attacks (respectively) which will typically wipe out most foes. This means a lot of KOW is about movement and positioning. Two ways people deal with it are with "chaff" and a "hammer and anvil" affair.

Chaff are really cheap little units (generally of the "troop" size) that you station at the sides and/or rear of a more important unit to act as interference against the enemy. They'll die the minute their charged, but it keeps the enemy off of your real soldiers, and net you the first charge.

Hammer and anvil is kind of the opposite, where you place really tough units around a big unit of lesser troops. They take the charge, and you can swoop in the sides and pinch the enemy.

Those are the tips for general gameplay. A lot of armies have little tricks to them, so if you have any army in mind (you can see the units in all the armies here: http://kow2.easyarmy.com/) There might be more I could say. It's also worth browsing the official forums, they have sub-forums for all the armies, where you can get more specific tips.

PS: Sorry for the textwall, I get excited to share things I spend too much time thinking about.
Thanks Heavy Fish Cannon, I gave it a go and I absolutely loved it! I've already pickes up a Sphinx, a Bone Thrower and a character model, and I've got a variety of model sources in my sights! I also hear there's a 10mm KoW being released, perfect timing!