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Dire Wolves

Dec 7, 2007
Hey guys,

I'm contemplating taking up the undead after collecting Dark Elves, where my Dark Riders were the most useful unit I've ever had the pleasure of including in an army. It's made me really put a lot of stock in fast cavalry, so my first move when looking over the Vampire book is to examine Dire Wolves.

How do you go about using them? What purpose do they generally serve in your army? Dark Riders best tactic is to flee - to move very fast, get in position, and flee. But being undead, the Wolves seem a bit lacking in the fast cavalry tactical department.

Any thoughts, replies etc would be very much appreciated!




The Devil in Pale Moonlight
True Blood
Aug 19, 2007
The role is kinda similiar although with a different flair. Instead of fleeing when you opponent charge your wolves make sure he lines up in a bad angle, in short you screw up his charge lanes. Sacrifical unit at 50pts for 5 of em. With their speed they can go after war machines/mages and such as well and of course do some flank/rear charges but be very careful with this one so you dont hand your opponent up to 5 kills for CR cause the unit charged as too powerful... T3 and no save aint exactly tough.
So the general difference is you dont flee you allign.
Nov 20, 2007
As Danceman says, they're sacrificial lambs more than wolves. Line one up so that a strong unit that charges it is deterred off course, and then another unit behind it so that the over-run draws them even further off course (or if they resist with a Ld test and turn around, risk S4 charges to their flanks).

Another good point, to expand on what Danceman said, for hunting mages that are in a unit, they're great (depending on how 'bunkered' the mage is anyhows) but only if you do not take the Doom Wolf, allowing multiple wolves to attack a single model, since they can't be challenged without a Doom Wolf in their midst.