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Dogs of War 2000 (yes!!! really!!!!!!!!!)

Oct 28, 2007
I don't care how old these guys are, they have loads of potential!!! Anyone care to argue? :devil:

Anyhoo. The list.

Sharpe Longspear = 172 pts
DoW General, barded warhorse, lance, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Protection, brace of pistols

Hunar the Bold = 66 pts
DoW Captain, crossbow, heavy armor, morning star

Paymaster Vorazzi Trabodi = 81 pts
The Paymaster, Sword of Might, heavy armor, shield

Hernoch the Mumbler = 145 pts
Lv 2 DoW Wizard, Lore of Death, Power Stone, Dispel Scroll

Hunar’s Legion of Miragliano = 239 pts
19 Pikemen, heavy armor, FC, with Hunar

Hernoch’s Favorite Fighters = 239 pts
19 Pikemen, heavy armor, FC, with Hernoch

Defenders of the Paymaster = 239 pts
19 Pikemen, heavy armor, FC, with Vorazzi

Wolfgang’s Wonderous Woodland Walkers = 90 pts
10 Duelists, throwing knives, additional hand weapons

Pistoliers of Praag = 72 pts
8 Duelists, pistols

Order of the Burning Hedge = 219 pts
9 Heavy Cavalry, barding, FC, with Sharpe

The Chargers of Gorgon’s Ola = 75 pts
5 Light Cavalry, bows

The Lightning Bolts = 80 pts
10 Crossbowmen

The Rain of Death = 80 pts
10 Crossbowmen

Luccini Tower Guard = 80 pts
10 Crossbowmen

Morgog’s Manslaughterers = 123 pts
3 Ogres, additional hand weapons

2000 points on the nose.

Questions? Comments (OTHER than stop playing DoW:devil: )
Dec 1, 2007
Stop playing D.....Oh, sorry
With one wizard at 2k battles I would change that powe stone for another dispell scroll. Oh and I would take the ogres away and put some other fast cav., they can help with artillery, marching etc...
Oct 28, 2007
Yeah I was a little iffy about the Ogres. If I did trade for another unit of fast cav I would have 48 points left. Add another 2 knights?