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Dogs Of War

Was wondering if anyone knows if there's rules for Dogs Of War or Regiments Of Renown for 8th Edition? If not, there really should be!

Mad 'At

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Well, in most places the old Dogs of War rules were allowed. All of those rules can be found here. SWE-comp had some minor Rule Clarifications made to it so that it worked better in 8th, those can be found here. That army was not very competitive though, and frankly quite boring.

Another thing 8th lacked is what I considered was the best part of DoW, that they could be included in other armies as well. Don't think many of the fan-made version have managed to bring that back either (but I could be wrong).

However, there has been talk about bringing DoW back in 9th Age, which should be really interesting. I would say it is very likely that we will see them as an army again, and I will personally fight for all I'm worth to make it possible to include their units in other armies too. I want my Empire army with two Giants :swear:
That's what I'm talking about! Werebears; paragliders; desert dogs; pikemen! I loved these funky and unique units. I'm not so enamoured with Dogs Of War as an army, but I can't wait to dig up some Arabyan or Strigany Desert Dogs to serve as servants to either the Red Duke or House Of Harkon; also the renegade Elven dragon rider, and I hope there's some kind of Chaos Warrior unit, I'm in love with the idea of some crazed doomseekers that worship Nagash as a god, and worship him rather than the other Chaos gods! I shall have a look, thanks!


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I have a lot of the DoW army models and I loved them and would LOVE an reason to dig them out again to play with them. Thanks for the details, I'll have a read of the book, might be nice to paint something that's not QUITE so dead for a bit too.
Good shout Henning, thanks. It's sparse but serviceable, but I won't complain as I didn't have to write it and supply it on the Net for free! Seriously, there's a lot of decent guys out there.