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Nov 3, 2014
While reading up on jokes across the world and from all over human history for 40k work, I stumbled upon a delightful surprise: Egyptian humour. Apparently the densely populated and hypersocial Nile valley in Egypt have sported a culture of wisecracks and jokesters for almost five millennia, at the very least.

A short extract from this article should be of interest to history lovers around here, and possibly inspire some Tomb King shenanigans:

Issandr el Amrani said:
Making fun of oppressive authorities has been an essential part of Egyptian life since the pharaohs. One 4,600-year-old barb recorded on papyrus joked that the only way you could convince the king to fish would be to wrap naked girls in fishing nets. Under Roman rule, Egyptian advocates were banned from practicing law because of their habit of making wisecracks, which the dour Romans thought would undermine the seriousness of the courts. Even Ibn Khaldun, the great 14th-century Arab philosopher from Tunis, noted that Egyptians were an unusually mirthful and irreverent people.

Modern Egyptians have it going. I can recommend these ones (baked into longer articles):

Telling Mubarak Jokes
Three Decades of a Joke That Just Won't Die

Also, the corrupt Egyptian police calls their bribes for their pension fund.

Furthermore, I guess the Turin erotic papyrus is all an elaborate ancient joke. Half the scroll is all animals acting like humans, and the other half is humans having an orgy while making fun of each other.

And in general, I can just warmly recommend John Romer's two series about ancient Egypt. There is some Egyptian humour in there:

Romer's Egypt
Ancient Lives

Also, many of the best modern Egyptian jokes are in the same spirit as jokes from the Soviet Union: Things are trash, but at least we're in on the joke together. My delving into joke floras translated into English from around the world made it clear that Russia and Egypt sported fantastic jokes even in the midst of terror, where many other cultures would have found it distasteful to joke about such things. Germans also had good car jokes about Trabant in DDR days, and Chinese have good jokes about henpecked husbands.


Unas the slayer

Staff member
Jan 1, 2017
Northern Italy
So, apparently egyptian people were fond of political satire?

Tells a lot about their view on their divine rulers, the preservers of god-given order...


Jun 15, 2021
Yeah, it seems that despite what people think, humanity has always made the same kinds of jokes. Just shows that despite centuries/millennia of progress... We're still a bunch of jokers.

Also: Additionally, there's also this gem:
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