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Eldar battleforce

Librarium Online

System Message
Dec 14, 2009
Hi, I have some units that were originally part of an Eldar Battle force but I never played them.
I almost perfectly full sprues to make 23 complete eldar guardians. IT would originally make 24 but a body and arms pieces were clipped out. There is a poorly painted eldar guardian that comes with to make the unit 24(he is painted basically black so you can just prime over it easily). I also have the sprue to build a jet bike and a sprue to build the viper jet bike. Lastly I have the parts to build an eldar tank. The guy in the top turret was poorly painted and the glass (plastic) piece over him is all foggy looking from bad glue. I think it could be replaced or just taken off but I didn’t do it since I don’t play anything anymore.
Was looking for $50 plus shipping for this lot

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