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Entry Thread. Turning the World to Darkness: Deathly Chill


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True Blood
Jun 15, 2013
Here we go again, with a new, season-appropriate (at least on the northern hemisphere) topic, Deathly Chill, proposed by @Shadespyre !

The topic is open to interpretation - we welcome all kinds of Deathly and/or Chilly undead models or units. Ghosts with their ghostly touch, zombies wandering through frozen wastes, undead Santa Claus, draugrs waking up from their crypts up north, white walkers from Game of Thrones or just some really chill ghouls, there are many possibilities!

Original models and conversions allowed.

The Prize: The winner earns the glory and a place in the Hall of Infamy thread. The winner also gets to select the theme of the next painting challenge (note that the winner only has a weekend to present the decision, so please be prepared and available).

The Rules:
  • All models entered should not have been painted more than a year ago from the date the entry thread is closed. This will not be enforced but violators will politely be asked to retract their entry.
  • All miniatures presented must have been painted by the entrant.
  • Max one entry per person.
  • Max 3 images per entry (including pictures in collages), of reasonable size.
  • No voting for your own entry.
  • No model can be entered into several challenges.
  • For every started set of 5 entries, each member gets a single vote (for example: with 7 entries everyone would get 2 votes).
  • Open entries and open voting. Everyone can see who painted what.
  • Models can be of any manufacturer and conversion but must fulfill all the criteria of the given theme.
  • If no decision on the next theme is made within a week of the winner announcement, the decision falls to the competition organizer.

The Schedule:
Week 1, Monday: Theme announcement and entry thread created
Week 7, Sunday: Entry thread closed. Voting thread opened.
Week 8, Friday: Voting thread closed. Result announced. Winner asked about next theme.

Because the voting was delayed a bit and I am posting this on Tuesday, we will start the official countdown from the next Monday - but you can all start working now ;)

This thread is now open for people to post their entries. Please state a name of the miniature along with the pictures (ex: Vampire Lord or Countess Squigmachine). The thread closes on the 3rd of February 2019 at (roughly) 23:59 CET (but we are not in a hurry, we can easily extend it much longer if someone needs to finish their entry)

And a list of subscribers who will get a notification about the competition (you don't have to be listed here to enter!):

@Mad 'At
@Devour the Cabbage
@Nagash Worshiper
@Unas the slayer
Aug 11, 2012
We decided on the title because it included wintery themes (for those who want to do snowy bases or zombie santas) but could also be much more widely interpreted. I really don't have much in the way of undead to paint so it's not based on anything I have in mind...but I'll find something to enter, I'm sure!