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External and internal links


Vampire wood elf
Sep 19, 2011

I'm working up to start my fourth plog on this forum.
I'd like my signature to contain all my plogs.
CN has a limit of 2 external links for a rookie like me but all my links are internal.
Is this intentional?
Did I make the link in the wrong way? Or did I missunderstand what external means?



Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
@Disciple of Nagash, the forum FAQ says the following:

"What can I put in my signature?
The allowed elements in your signature are based on your posts (and as such the group CN places you in):

New Bloods: 1-49 posts
  • 200 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of links: 1
  • Maximum number of lines: 8
  • Maximum number of images: 1
  • Smilies: allowed

Undead - 50-999 posts
  • 300 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of external links: 2
  • Maximum number of lines: 10
  • Maximum number of images: 3
  • Smilies: allowed
True Bloods - 1000+ posts
  • 500 characters allowed
  • Maximum number of external links: 5
  • Maximum number of lines: 12
  • Maximum number of images: 5
  • Smilies: allowed"
What is the intended meaning of "external links" as opposed to just "links" in the New Bloods group?

Edit: For what it's worth I seem to be able to add more than 5 links in my signature, regardless of if they're pointing to CN or someplace else. Mods might be in a different group from True Bloods though...