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Failure - Supplement to Chapter 54

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True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
"You have failed me beyond measure Amadeus Valda."

The voice stung through the mind of the black robed figure of the Lord of Schwarzhelm. He physically convulsed as it bit into his mind like searing flames. The voice was instantly recognisable as that of Korhedron, the dark elf that acted as the Witch Kings envoy to Valda. His voice was resonating through Valda's skull as he spoke.

"You failed the Witch King and the penalty for such things is death. You, however, have already had such a punishment so yours must be more."

Falling to his knees, Valda clutched his ears trying his best to push the voice out but it was to no avail, the stinging continued.

"You have one last chance to redeem yourself."

"Anything...Make it stop..."

"I will not."

With that the wracking pain surged to every muscle in Valda's body. He was sure that he would have died by now had he been mortal.

"Within Nagashizzar lies an artefact of incomparable power. The Council knows of this..."

"I know of it to. He told me. The man in black told me."

"It must not be destroyed."

The pain ceased for a moment as Valda fell to his knees, trying his best to shake the sensation completely from his body. The extra energy of not standing allowing his some small reprieve.

"I know of this device. I know who created it."

"Good, then you do not need to be told of how crucial it is that it remains as it is. You must guard it with your life Amadeus." The pain returned.

"Guard it, or failing that, destroy the Council. I offer you one final 'blessing' from his majesty to make this so. I offer you the return of your sanity."

Amadeus lifted his now bloodshot eyes and felt a wave of calm wash over him. Standing, he shed the robe to reveal his ever trusty blood armour and the sword known as Sovereignty still at his side. Working the cramp out of his body, Valda felt better now. As good as he had ever felt infact.

"...and Amadeus...do not come back from this mission. Naggaroths debt will be considered level only when you return to the ground."

Biting down a bitter retort, his first for months, Valda turned. He had travelled the road before and knew it well. He would need to go deep into Nagashizzar to ensure that the Council did not succeed. If he fulfilled this final obligation then he would finally be free from both Nagash and Malekith. The thought gave him a new sense of purpose and he picked up the black robe, still feeling the chaotic energy within his body, but now, for the first time, feeling absolute control.

He could not fail.
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