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Farmer's Undead


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Dec 10, 2013
Here we go - batch #1 of my Grave Guard:


I figured the current competition was a great motivator to whack out a fair-sized batch of these guys (hats off to you @Borgnine and @Theerteen ), so I decided to set to work on 19 bases of them. They took a bit longer than expected but here they are, finally done. Below are some more pics:


These were done in the usual wight paint job, just like the Black Knights and wight kings in the army. I've done some tree fillers once again too to add to the environment.

My favourite guy in the unit just had to get painted in this batch - the champion:


I'm happy to get this guy finished - there's always an added pleasure in seeing a conversion go from random bits to completed conversion then to fully finished project. Really pleased with how he's turned out.

A few more shots of him:


I've already got the second batch of Guard on the go but I'm hearing those Vargs calling in my sleep - I think they might need some attention before finishing the total three batches I've planned for this unit. Either way, my display cabinet now needs rearranging as the start of this unit has pushed the undead beyond one shelf now :)

Regarding earlier posts - cheers for your feedback guys:

@Irisado Cheers - I'm quite happy with how the champion of the GG has turned out. As usual, I want my command group to be noticeable whilst still staying uniform with the unit. I think this guy is my favourite unit champion in the army as of yet.

My goal this year isn't too ambitious - to get this unit of GG, the 6 Vargs and the winged vamp lady done by October (just in time for the annual army shot) - I'd be happy with that :)

@Borgnine Thanks a lot man, your weapon conversion idea has worked out nicely! And I'd love to see this command group in your army colours :D

Cheers for your comments chaps - the work continues.
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Ancient Vampire Lord
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May 22, 2010
Fantastic painting and modelling. I really like all of the models and they have the appearance of an implacable advance. This is one formidable unit of Grave Guard.


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Jun 15, 2013
Congrats on finishing this batch :) There's nothing better in this army than Grave Guard :D

The painting is stellar as always and that large amount of metal looks really good on them. I really like that champion though, really good idea with changing his legs. GGs all have the same pose which makes them look very automaton-like, which is fine, but you breaking that up with the champion makes him really stand out as the commander, as the only one with his own mind, out of synch with the rest. An intimidating leader issuing a challenge against some meatbag ;) Very nice!