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Oct 25, 2022
This is my first try at an AOS list, I'm starting at 2000pts because I want to see if my army concept looks okay before I start buying anything. I didn't include battalions because I'm honestly unsure which to use and could use some help in that area. I don't own anything yet so please feel free to pick my list apart, and hopefully everything is legal. Any help is appreciated as an AoS newbie :)

Army Type: Feast Day
Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery
Triumphs: Inspired

Abhorrent Archregent- General (245)
Trait- Dark Wizardry
Spell- Spectral Host

Abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Terrorgheist (445)
Mount Trait- Gruesome Bite
Spell- Deranged Transformation

Abhorrent Ghoul King on Royal Zombie Dragon (430)
Spell- Blood Feast

Crypt Haunter Courtier (110)
Artifact- Arcane Tome

10 Crypt Ghouls (85)
10 Crypt Ghouls (85)
10 Crypt Ghouls (85)

6 Crypt Horrors (220)

Royal Terrorgheist (285)

1,990/2,000 pts
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The Sun King

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True Blood
Aug 22, 2012
I like the list! You seem to have forgotten to choose a Delusion. I would suggest Crusading Army. Also I am not a big fan of Crypt Horrors because they lack rend, so I think I would prefer removing them and either taking 3 Crypt Flayers + an endless spell or reinforce your Ghouls. Regarding Battalion I would go for Battle Regiment.
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