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Fighting with the hateful scavengers

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True Blood
Jul 12, 2007

This topic is dedicated to each and every one of you. I hope this place is going to be a great library of knowledge.

As a community and Strigoi players (the legal army list; not back-of-the-book), we can share a number of items for all to read and use:

  • thoughts
  • losses
  • victories
  • ideas
  • tactics
  • unit choosing
  • kitting our characters
  • army set ups

These are all individual points that a new Strigoi player is going to discover. But seasoned players can help a little, somewhat like a teacher in the arts of war (don't tell me that isn't your dreamjob :tongue:). A seasoned player is well aware of advantages and disadvantages of playing as a Strigoi, and would be more than capable of giving pointers, showing examples of when things would work and when not, etc.

This topic is thus not an usual topic. This topic is not directed to the discussion of using Strigoii, but rather directed at summing up players experiences in regards to fighting with the Strigoi. So please keep that in mind when you post.

Different people think differently, to say it plainly. This is entirely correct. Hence feel free to ask that person in a PM (or even get a discussion going in a separate topic) to show you how, perhaps even to be more precise (eg, against which army did he use this tactic/idea/set up/etc?).

Having written all that, I took this iniative for you all to add to this library of knowledge, as to it becoming a great beginning place for new Strigoi players to find tactics and useful pointers.

Basically, write anything down you can remember fighting with Strigoii! Let's get this going. :D


Sep 1, 2007
General guides for using Strigoi.

1. Do not use those terrible models! ;)

ok joking aside here are the pros and cons of strigoi use:
1. Even a strigoi thrall adds a powerful punch to any unit with 4 strength 5 attacks basic and the option of a re-roll in the first round of combat.

2. With the correct bloodline abilities they become even more dangerous and can eat even elite troops for breakfast granting you those valuable extra combat resolution points.

3. Can be adapted nicely for different situations (flying thrall for getting rid of lone mages and war machine crew)

4. some very nice combos available with blood line powers e.g. iron sinews + infinite hatred.

5. never underestimate hatred, if you are fielding a count or lord and you roll for hand of dust against some horribly hard creature you may need a 4 or worse to hit, with a re-roll thrown into the mix you greatly increase your chances or whipping that smug smile off you enemies face. Likewise for general CC use it really helps to break enemy units.

6. For deployment I like putting my strigoi thrall in front rank corner of a zombie unit, combined with Iron sinews and infinite hatred he will on average easily knock 3 models out per turn really boosting the otherwise combat crapness that is a zombie unit, by being in the corner it also means he can help against flanking (at least from the side he is on)

No magic items allowance
No armour
Cannot be mounted so limited movement unless you take bat form
Needs protecting even with the higher toughness and option of regeneration or an additional wound fielding him alone is asking for trouble.

A bloodline break down.

Overall I personally believe that Strigoi could use some additional bloodline powers when you consider that they have no magic items allowance and the beating curse of the revenant took in 7th edition.

Curse of the revenant
Quite a useful power as a 5+ ward is not going to keep you safe, HOWEVER down sides aside from the fact that a thrall cannot take it is this, in 7th edition regeneration took a large hit, in the past if you took 6 wounds from a D6 wounding weapon and your character had only 3 wounds you only had to pass one save to keep him alive (the additional three being counted as wasted) however you now have to pass 4 saves to keep him alive on that one wound. On top of this regeneration cannot be used against killing blow hits. Overall now it is worth 30 to 35 points being worse than a 4+ ward in its effectiveness and not the whopping 55 as stated in the book.

Massive monstrosity
Who wants an extra wound? me me me, no real point in taking this blood line power with a count (upgrade him to a lord for 80+ points and you get an extra attack, LD, WS, Wound, magic level etc) far cheaper overall this way and completely wasted on thralls.

Bat form
A surprisingly useful number when used on a thrall to give you a FTOD (flying thrall of doom) combined with the high WS, hatred and extra attack chances are once you charge a war machine crew or lone mage you can kill them in one turn. Downside is if you fail a charge or after he has removed a war machine he will get shot to bits. Quite expensive overall too and limits your other options as its not cheap.

Iron sinews
A definite in my books +1 strength is always good and with the lack or armour piercing and ignoring factors of a Strigoi you will need it, against elite troops (usually a toughness of 4 and a 4+ armour save) you are going to be hard pushed to do any real damage but with this lovely cheap upgrade your opponent has a lot more to worry about.

Infinite hatred
I go through phases of liking and disliking this blood line power, when you consider all strigoi already have hatred it seems a little too expensive, though it can have its moments and works very well when combined with iron sinews on a thrall.

summon ghouls
A very nice, very sneaky little bloodline power, though you may not summon the number of ghouls this bloodline power costs you, having just two of them pop up right next to a war machine or lone mage can easily give you opponent a reason to scream, especially when you consider the factors of good old poison.