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First Necrarch list (2500)


True Blood
Oct 11, 2007
Playing with O&G against 2 armies of chaos, each 2500. They know our army, we know theirs. I think they'll go Khorne or Tzeench knowing how important the magic phase is to me. Other possibility is one going Nurgle to have fear causing units to counter my fear causing units. O&G player has a 'feeling' they'll take the Hellcannon. He has a giant just in case.

The O&G player just got a Wyvern, so his Lord will be mounted on it with a sword that autowounds with no armour saves. Personally, I don't think it's a good tactic, as O&G really need that extra leadership. Also he's mounting his BSB in a unit of Big Un Boar Boyz so I'm concerned about his break tests, but that's the way he's doing it. He also despises goblins, and so only takes Orcs, and a Doom Diver catapult.

Wanted to try something different, so this is my first Necrarch army. Suggestions welcome (needed?), but note I do not have any spirit hosts.

Vampire Count (Necrarch) 358 Pts
General; Lvl 2; Necromancy (or Death?)
Nehekara's Noble Blood, Master of the Black Arts, Unholy Cynosure
Black Periapt
Nightmare, barding

Wight Lord @ 151 Pts (goes in BK w. BotB)
Battle Standard Bearer
SoK, Gem of Blood (or drop the BSB and put on Talon of Death and Enchanted Shield?)

Necromancer @ 150 Pts
lvl 2; Necromancy
Cursed Book

Necromancer @ 140 Pts
Magic Level 2; Necromancy
Staff of Damnation

23 Skeleton Warriors @ 265 Pts (front and center, General goes here)
Light Armour; FC

22 Zombies @ 147 Pts (left or right of skeletons)
Standard; Musician

15 Zombies @ 90 Pts (necro bunker behind skeletons)

2x5 Dire Wolves @ 50 Pts

2x5 Ghouls @ 40 Pts

7 Black Knights @ 285 Pts
FC, Banner of the Barrows

10 Black Knights @ 299 Pts
Standard; Musician
War Banner

8 Black Knights @ 256 Pts
Screaming Banner

2 Banshees @ 90 Pts each

Casting Pool: 9
Dispel Pool: 6
Models in Army: 113

Total Army Cost: 2501

Debated the 3rd Black Knight unit or a Grave guard unit to put my Necrarch in. With Chaos units being expensive, I think the 8 BK with the screaming banner should be large enough to cause autobreaks.

Wight Lord with Talon of Death and Enchanted shield I've read works very well against Khorne armies. I can see it working very well too, but to kill heroes/lords the SoK and Gem of Blood would be more effective. Still, SoK negates S6 charges with him...

I think with the O&G, Death magic would work well to thin the Chaos ranks, and that -3 LD spell would hopefully work very well to have the O&G player break a key Chaos unit. Also the spell that makes my fear causing troops cause terror in case they pick Nurgle, or to put on a O&G Orc unit so they don't have to worry about making a key fear test.

I feel my Necrarch is very defenseless, in a unit of skeletons out front. I think he needs to be there to have decent range for death magic though. Thoughts? Is my general too magic heavy, should I take a ward save? Should I scratch a BK unit and put him with GG? Mounted with BK?



Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
This is going to sound terribly obvious but a Tzeentch players lack of a psychological mark makes him vulnerable to fear, a Khorne player is going to be swamped by a true tide of green/undead, the same is true of Nurgle. If I were you I would be worried about Slaanesh!

How did it go?


True Blood
Oct 11, 2007
Solid victory for us; they took Slaanesh and Khorne. I'll post in battle reports.
Nov 6, 2007
Great !!! I just saw your list and I thought it had a lot of potential. It's just the general that was a little bit defenseless...
I'm going to look at your report.

The Dark Lord Mr Fluffy

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Dec 23, 2007
Wow, good job. The one thing I would say is to your partner.
SNOTLING PUMP WAGONS, as many as possible. Who doesn't love a good pump wagon (Crunch!), the bane of Elves, Empire and, basically, any light armoured infanity. If he hates goblins, just tell him these are snotlings. Its impossible to hate them! :)

And why no grave guard? And, in my opinion, you should always field the "sword"(?) of the kings with a Wight Lord, that one thats wight lords only. Its SOOOOO sweet, against everything!