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First painted model


Crypt Horror
Sep 22, 2010
Colour me impressed! Very clean outcome, especially on the bones. Nice ethereal look too. What I would suggest is highlighting those ethereal bits more (green) by taking your green and adding a bit of white to it. So take the green you used, add a small bit of white, go over the raised bits. Then add a bit more white and go over the raised bits in finer detail. Rinse and repeat adding more and more white for a really sharp effect. Just make sure your paint is quite runny when you do this and use very little paint on your paint brush otherwise it tends to run everywhere.

Other than that...it looks great! I certainly wasn't that good when I started!
Dec 14, 2012
That looks really impressive ^.^ very well done, I certainly wouldn't put it down to a first attempt o.o Keep up the great work! I can't really add any more suggestion than @Aren did, but I thought you'd like to hear how impressive it is
Aug 9, 2015
To be honest, I would say it's just some flocking away from being a good quality table mini! I'm excited to see your future stuff, if you can call this your first attempt painting!


Grave Guard
Jun 3, 2015
For your first model I think this shows that you've got the potential to be a master painter. Man you should see my first model, blue and orange over white on some old school dwarfs with no inks or highlighting at all and lots of mistakes. Very impressive.

Can you go into your technique? I the model mainly painted with inks and drybrushing or are you highlighting over that a little?

The only suggestion I have for you is to do with the weapons. It doesn't look like there is any highlighting on those blades. You could use a sepia ink and then just hit the tips and edges with the metallic again if you want to add a little aging to those blades or mix your first coat in with a black ink then highlight to add a cleaner depth.

Keep em coming, I'd love to see one based and finished.