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Flesheater corps

Jun 19, 2017
Hello every1! i have been playing seraphon and desided to start a new deatharmy!
before I start to empty my wallet, I´d like some advise on what to buy! Im starting a 2k list and all i know for sure is that i want a GK on terrorgheist and a Mournghoul! im thinking of going 1 vargheist and LOTS of crypthorrors, and buff them with a necromancer. and fill out battleline with zombies.

if any1 has any other lists that they think are stronger, please help me here!

Jan 1, 2017
If you wants Crypthorrors, then you cannot fight without a Haunter Courtier. And a Varghulf Courtier.

At that point, with the Varghulf, you should really pick ghouls instead of zombies as battleline.

For an heavier version:
bring the GK on terrorgheis but not as general, use a Haunter Courtier as general, and spam Crypt Horrors as battleline... but the chance to bring back ghouls on rolls of 2+ is pretty good.