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Flight of Destiny

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True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
As the populace of the Imperial city around her was milling about its daily errands in the light of the newly risen sun, the ghost-vampire Helena sat as usual in her library chair, a large and heavy tome in her incorporeal hands. Sunlight crept in through the large window of the room and illuminated the ageless habitat, preserved for many lifetimes by lingering magic. With a sigh, Helena lowered the book she was reading as the rays of light reached her, a dreamy look on her features. Through the silence, the voice of her trusted champion Andreasse suddenly spoke,

-“What troubles you, my mistress?”

Not moving her eyes from the direction she was looking, Helena responded,

-“My dear Andreasse, many times have I wondered why I’ve been given a life beyond death… and then beyond death again. To not know if your existence is of any consequence or not, those thoughts are a dangerous corridor to prowl yet I’ve found myself there time and time again. But now, the balance of the world hinges upon a few crucial actions that will or will not be taken and for all it matters, it does look like I will have a part to play in it. Perhaps this is the reason that I’ve been kept existent for all this time… or perhaps it’s not.”. She uttered a quiet little laugh at this point.

“…but for what it’s worth, I certainly intend to do what I can to ensure that the better side emerges victorious. Now is the time to act. Assemble your soldiers, Andreasse.”

-“Yes milady, I’ll do so right away. To the end have we sworn to do your bidding, to the end it shall be.”
Not open for further replies.