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The Dark Lord Mr Fluffy

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True Blood
Dec 23, 2007
Hello there you!
Anyway... I thought I'd stick up my last battle report here, even though it wasn't with my VC. T'was with my skaven! :)

I was teamed up with a Lizard Men player, Fighting high elves and Khorne Hordes of Chaos. 1000 pts each, no one had that many models, except me! It was a very fun match.....

The forces of good: (our force)
1 unit of 20 saurus, 1 unit of 19 saurus with a Scar Vet. (burning blade or something similar, and a 4+ ward save) and 5 chameleon skinks along with a Stegadon, the monster machine of doom. NO MAGIC!!!

1 unit of 30 clan rats - with rattling gun, 1 unit of 25 storm vermin - with warpfire thrower and Umbranner magic banner. Warp lightning cannon. Then a 25 model unit of slaves and 2 units of 2 poisened globadiers. Characters: Single warplock engineer (all up-grades, two despell scrolls) and a Chieftain (heavy armour, shield, desolate blade) 1 lv 1 MAGE!!!

We had sooo little magic! :(

And the other crowd: (da enemiez)
High Elves: 3 lv 2 mages!!!!! And one who could choose his spells off the lore of shadow! (pits of shade against I1 anyone?) 20 Lorian Sea Guard, 10 archers. 2 repeater bolt throwers.
Chaos: 19 chaos warriors (not chosen), aspiring champion with some crazy sword making him S6, 20 mauraders with flails and 5 maurader horse men. Not to mention the 5 khorne chaos knights!

In the centre of the board, we had a hill - worth 200 VP in the end. We had some trees we set out of the way, and some hard cover on the left hand side.
The others had some trees, placed out of the way too, and some hard cover too.

Deployment was like this:
Chaos Knights - centre. Bolt thrower. Chaos Warriors with hero - close to the Knights. Laurian Sea Guard with mage(s?) supporting the warriors. Another bolt thrower then finally the archers near the edge with another mage. I can't quite remember where the last High Elf Mage was...

Us: Warplightning cannon near the edge, behind the hard cover, unit of clan rats with rattling gun and 2 globadiers to guard their flank. Moving about 10 inches away was a unit of slaves with 2 globadiers behind it. Next was in the centre again - Storm Vermin with the warpfire thrower. Then saurus with scar vet. The last third of our deployment zone was the last unit of saurus and the Steg (also known as The Tank) The chameleon skink were placed around 10 inches from the High Elf archers, behind the hard cover they were hiding behind!

Turn 1:
The chaos Knights begin advancing, along with the rest of the chaos units. The marauder horse men reached the hill and wheeled to face my skaven. The high elves got into smart possisions for when the Steg would hit home.
-Magic phase: was boring... other then the HE casting Creeping Death on the skinks, killing 4 out of 5. After passing a Ld test, the last skink stayed on. Lightning also caused a wound on the Steg.
Seeing as it was Khorne chaos, there was no magic -as magic is for wusses.
-Shooting: The Steg was hit by a bolt thrower, losing 1 wound. My unit of clan rats were shot with a bolt thrower, killing 1. The final skink was bowwed down, with the help of some HE magic...

Slaves march towards the knights and horrible death, with the globadiers behind them. Storm vermin move towards the hill in the centre along with the Warpfire thrower. The Saurus moved forward too, with the steg going towards the high elves.
-Magic: Horribly despelled by around 14 over the casting value. Damm you mark of Khorne!
-Shooting: The steg shot its bow and wounded 2 maurader horse men with a single bolt. Warplightning cannon misfired and took a S5 hit, but didn't wound it.

Turn 2:
The chaos Knights were forced to charge the slaves. The other chaos warriors marched forward, into the centre of the hill, followed by the Sea Guard. The Marauders were taking up the rear, moving really slowly towards the hill. Their horse men were useless at this stage, so to avoid being charged by a 6 inch away unit of saurus with a scar vet, they moved, fast cavalry style, towards the lizard mens flank. Free Reforming is such a pain.
-Magic: Nothing much to say. Spells failed to cast, and the ones that didn't were despelled by dice and scroll.
-Shooting: Bolt thrower hits my skaven clan rats again, killing another 1. Pathetic. The other bolt thrower missed the steg. Even more pathetic.
-Combat: the slaves were butchered, as usual. 5 died, then another 4 died. The knights amazingly did more damage then the steeds! So they panic and run off, being cut down by the knights. The knights ended up an inch away from my 2 globadiers. Not a great way to finish up...

The storm vermin charged the marauder horse men. The Saurus flank charged the Sea Guard (barely!). The steg was getting closer to the high elf archers all the time. My clan rats moved up closer to the action, along with the 2 globadiers and "the rattler".
-Magic: Seeing as I only knew 1 spell, I cast warp lightning on a 9+, scoring 13! Thats Irresistible Force for skaven!:) Nine hits and two dead chaos knights later, the magic phase was over.
-Shooting: This was fun. My warpfire thrower shoots at the chaos warriors on the hill, going a little too far and only killing 3. My globadiers all throw the stuff at the Chaos Knights, hitting with only 1, as the rest killed themselves! 1 out of 4 ain't bad. Obviously, the Knight died. So then I opened fire with the rattling gun... enough said - No knights left. :) The Stegs bow killed a few Sea Guard (3).
-Combat: marauder horse men are killed by the chieftain in the storm vermin unit. The storm vermin fluffed all their attacks, as usual. The high elves Sea Guard killed off only 1 saurus warrior! Then the saurus kicked serious ass! The High Elves were broken and fleed through the chaos warriors, who were immune to psyhcology due to frenzy at the time. The Saurus over ran into the warriors flank.
The other unit of saurus were still crossing the board to get to the archers along with the Steg.

Turn 3:
Now on the ropes, the high elves were vulnerable. With 1 mages down, the magic threat was getting dull. The marauders moved up towards the hill. The Warriors fled (and rallied) 7 inches away. The saurus didn't bother persuing them, rather stupidly. The steg was soooo close to the elves it wasn't even funny. A mage failed his terror test and fled off the board! 6 inches off the board!!!!
-Magic: Nothing cast that did anything good. Portent of far was useless as every 1 rolled became a 2 or the single 3.
-Shooting: One bolt thrower fired at the unit of 20 saurus, killing 4. The steg was hit by a bolt! Just as the Lizard Men Player said "I can't wait to see how good it does in combat, everything normally runs away from it" it was shot in the face basically, losing its 3 remaining wounds!:( the Lizard Man player-->:'( although he still had a unit of 20 saurus right next to the dead steg, for getting revenge!
-The saurus start plowing through the warriors...

The marauders were charged by the storm vermin. The bolt thrower crew were charged by the saurus, fleeing. The charge was redirected towards the archers, but it was too much to ask for. Failed Charge! Aaaargh!
-Magic: Same story, same spell cast at the warriors. Scored a 14, and the chaos player threw in 5 despell dice, in a huff. The double 1s really made him even more pissed. He lost 4 models.
-shooting: This is where most chaos players break down and cry. The warpfire thrower hit the unit yet again! Killing a good 4 of them!
Then comes the rattling gun... another 6 dead. Only 1 left in the unit! The Hero! On 1 wound!!!!
-combat: The storm vermin attacked the marauders, winning combat by 4 and sending them running.

Turn 4 (the final turn)
Them and us (I'm not bothered to separate them at this point):
With few units remaining, chaos hero, some archers amd a mage, not much was going to happen.
We had everything minus the Steg, the slaves and globadiers.
-Magic: Useless
-Shooting: All the archers hit the saurus (which were 4 inches away...) amazingly ---- and then all of them failed to wound. Hillarious. Our shooting was just painful... for them.
-Combat: The archers were absolutly destroyed. Horribly crushed in every way. Fun.
Going for death or glory, the chaos hero charged into the unit of saurus and challanged the scar vet. So in the fun of it, he accepts. The chaos hero does 3 wounds, only one was saved by a 6+ armour save! The ward save did nothing! In true chaos fashion, it doesn't make any sense. Then due to combat res, he fled. Then later on he was smelted by my warpfire thrower.

Thats when it all ended
the only thing that was left was a single bolt thrower, and no one was bothered to keep fighting for that. We had captured 4 banners, held the hill worth 200 VPs and had 2 table edges. They had nothing. Safe to say it was a massacre.... but we all liked it.

Things I learned:
Warplightning cannons are really over rated
Stegadons are fun to kill
High Elves are quite squishy
Chaos Knights are most deffinatly not bullet (or lightning) proof.

Thanks for reading!:)
Jan 23, 2008
Good report! I liked the way you handled the chaos knights, skaven slaves are such a pain in the --- for those frenzied units.