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Flying failed charge and impassable terrain.


Harbinger of Dandelions
True Blood
Jun 14, 2012
Hello all, an interesting situation arose the other night which I have not encountered before.
I declared a charge with a flying unit over an impassable terrain piece. The dice roll was not high enough, so failed charge. The highest die rolled, was not high enough to carry me over the terrain piece.
Question is. .. Do I hit the terrain piece and bounce back an inch, or do I go "through" the terrain piece and end my movement an inch beyond? We searched and searched and found little to help us in the brb.
Any input?


Grave Guard
Apr 3, 2014
None of both, bigbadbat.

The failed charge movement will lead the charger to the objetive, but wheeling to dodge the impassable terrain and following the shortest path to the unit it tried to charge. Page 19 BRB, Failed Charge.