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Fortress rules


Crypt Horror
May 26, 2013
I didn't buy the books about the new chaos fortress scenery but I have an old Warhammer fortress that we tried to play a game with but we were confused about how the scenery rules work.

Normal scenery you just use your movement vertically to get over. But the walls are like 7-8" high so a skeleton moves 4" and would have to run to get up but he can't get closer than 3" to an enemy that way. If an enemy is on the wall does that mean he'll need to stop at the base of the wall and then roll a 9 on the charge?

If someone wanted to jump off a wall is that 1" or would they have to run the 8" to get down. What if they don't roll that high they can't leave the wall?

There are scenery rules for the overlord basin that talk about garrisoning but not sure if that applies if part of a whole fortress. Can the enemy just garrison a tower from the ground if unoccupied? Doesn't look like walls are ever garrisonable.