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Fresh from the grave!

Dec 11, 2007
Greets everyone!

I initially made the mistake of posting on the old board, so here we go again at the right place this time! :redface:

I started playing WH when I was about 9 years old, roughly 10 years ago as a Greenskin general but it didn't last long as I moved from my home town where all my friends were and played.

Last year my friend got me back into it so I resurrected (no pun intended) my brutally painted Greenskins, started stripping and repainting them! I'll have to post pictures soon!

Two days ago while bored in class I was surfing eBay for Warhammer because that's just what I do while I'm bored in class and I came across a listing of a VC army and even though I don't even have 500pts of Greenskins painted yet, I thought what the heck? So I bought the following army for $200:

1 Vampire Counts book
1 Necromancer Mounted (based)
1 Necromancer on Foot (based)
1 Necrarch vampire, mounted (MIB)
1 Von Carstein Vampire Mounted (based)
1 Von Carstein Vampire on Foot (based)
1 Blood Dragon Vampire Mounted (based)
1 Wight Lord Mounted (based)
1 Wight Lord on Foot (based)
1 Black coach (open, unassembled)
8 Knights of Bretonnia modded as Black Knights (unbased)
10 Goblin Wolf Rider wolves modded as Dire wolves (based)
1 Doom Wolf (based)
1 Wraith (based)
1 Ethereal Host (1 based, 1 unbased)
1 Banshee (based)
12 Ghouls (based)
20 Zombies (based)
20 Skeletons (17 painted, special models based)
Assorted citadel paints

It has yet to arrive but hopefully in a couple weeks I can spark up an army blog!

I look forward to spending some time here and getting to know you all. I love the site and I've spent too much time already looking through the blogs and the painting sections of the forums :)


PS. I hope you like my pictures in the picture thread
Sep 26, 2007
No one said hi to you? Poor thing, I'll do it instead even if it's very late. *feeds you blood*

Welcome to the forum, I hope you're still here and wasn't scared off!

The Dark Lord Mr Fluffy

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Dec 23, 2007
Wow, good deal there! Welcome to our humble crypt, fresh-blood! We are quite a fickle crowd of braindead bumz. I happen to be the local brains salesman / waste desposal technician. Don't Delay, stock up on brainz today! I really need the money, as I can only resist the euro saver menu until dusk!!!!!!

May all your battles be messy and random