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Nov 3, 2014
Sharing just in case any nugget from this lively discussion would be of use somewhere. Please move if in the wrong section.

Some points: Consolidation, resource library, getting the site's good stuff out there on Facebook and whatever other platforms exist, to draw people in (maybe simpler for single-army forums, maybe not). Lots of detail tweaks. For sites other than CDO I'd also stress the need to compile resources and gems in handy sections (e.g. a dedicated Tutorial section like on DakkaDakka) and try out some get-together events, e.g. contests (which tend to work over time since they exploit human competitiveness). Of course the conditions discussed are CDO's own, but some common ground may still be found, possibly.



Jan 23, 2019
I know, old thread. But I've been seeing a spike in people returning to the old world through 6th or 8th, some 4th and 5th, but not as many. A big thing is that forums have died off with people doing the quick fix facebook groups etc. I much prefer the forum setting simply because ol marky doesn't refresh what i'm reading or make it impossible to find things again.

We have quite a large 6th group in my town with almost 30 3k+ point armies that see steady, weekly/monthly play. There's a lot of fun to be had with the old rules. I find "supported" game followers confusing, "I hate AoS, but I play it because it's supported" Wut? lol. it's not like it's on a server that's been taken down. They're books, with dice and templates. The models are all out there, rules are there, don't see the point in playing a system you dislike just because it is supported. Tournaments? No thanks, I'm too lazy to deal with rule nazis and hyper competitive people.
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