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Grave Tacticus

Staff member
Jul 26, 2020
Entry 1

I woke from death and beheld the pale visage of the dead looming over me. It spoke in a reverberating whisper, eager to have me rise from my sarcophagus and deal with an intruder in our sacred undercroft. As my bearing set themselves to their resumed duties and oaths, I recalled that this corpse must be Bishop Reynald, and for a moment his kind visage from so long ago as he bid me enter his master’s chambers solidified before my mind’s eye. I pushed the thought, and myself, out, the ancient funerary clothing slipped away as dust, yet my armor and sword gleamed in the near darkness still. That sword soon found the back of the intruder, a scrawny man with burned sigils of the enemy all across his flesh. Turris had fallen and the foe remained, but not for long.

Entry 2

My memory remains vague. My tomb is now my home, and I spend much of my time clearing away rubble and dust. The Undercroft is mostly ruined and fallen in, but Reynald and I make the best of the situation. As I pull rocks away from the stairwell I ponder Nethe’s face, and the face she must have made when she realized I wasn’t coming with her to Aldkirk to escape the siege. He lost a husband, and shortly thereafter lost a lover. The battle called, and as a warrior I must answer, and so here we are now.

Entry 3

Everything is in ruin and covered in wilderness. I see the sun but do not feel its heat, I walk the grounds but my memories elude me. I feel shame though I have no skin to bare, my arms rest in my sarcophagus as I labor and Reynald investigates further afield. I would have gone, but the shame of my weakness inclines me to the solitude of the underworld.

Entry 4

Reynald returns with perilous news. Lady Nethe survived the siege of Turris by turning to the enemy, and now leads the Slaaneshi warband Twisted Band, cavorting about the ruins. I am ashamed at her betrayal, and my betrayal of her. It must be put right, and when the time comes I will confront her and end her tragic existence.

Entry 5

The Grand Host of Nagash arrived in Turris, driving off the Twisted Band for the time being. I am bid to kneel at the feet of my god, who am I to question it? Nagash’s forces excavate the dead of Turris in quick order and he entrusts me to lead this awakened army against chaos across the realm. My vow to end Nethe must be put aside for the dead of Turris must now join the greater battle against the enemy!

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