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Greetings Kindred

Feb 11, 2008
Good Evening Creatures of the Night,

I am Nosferatu, I have followed this Site for quite some time and have found many of the "Threads" useful and informative. With the coming release of the next addition of Vampire Counts by Games Workshop I have decided to join with you. I have been playing Undead since fourth Edition and have found them highly rewarding I hope their future in the next release will make them even more of a pleasure to play with. Lets just hope, that theres enough cattle to go around,
Sep 26, 2007
Of course we have enough cattle. If anyone have cattle, it's us. Aaaaand.. Welcome to the forum! *throws blood at you*

Enjoy your stay, take care of the cattle, avoid Mr. Fluffy and don't bloody step on my gypsies! Hope you'll like it here in the little crypt.

The Dark Lord Mr Fluffy

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Dec 23, 2007
Angelica Von Carstein said:
avoid Mr. Fluffy
Why? I'm such a warm and cuddly psychopath... *sighs*
Welcome to our community body bag. No smoking allowed, as it tends to freak out the living (even more...)

As for the cattle - hmm, in Ireland, thats all there is.
No people....
At all...