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Feb 12, 2008
This thread is to clarify first what a supplemental is, and how to post one.

So what is a Supplemental?

Well as it name suggests, it is a piece that supplements the main chapters. Normally it is a small piece, written by one (though on the odd occasion possible more) players. It would not be any major developments or plot twists, but just a small addition, perhaps to clarify on a point


Your character is goes off to see a person, in which he a discussion takes place (perhaps foreshadowing some event to come). This doesn't mesh with the current chapter, but does relate to it. This would be an ideal time to write a small piece about this. When ready then your character would join back in the main chapters at the relevant point.

How to post:

Make sure in the title you put which chapter this is a supplemental to, in brackets before the name of your piece, example:

(Chapter 6) Hugo's Embarrassment

If your supplement actually happens between chapters then put it as .5, for example

(Chapter 6.5) Hugo's Embarrassment

You can then write your piece, either in one post or multiples. Please note that it should not be too long. Anything that is lengthy and / or involves multiple members will likely warranty a main chapter. Check if unsure before posting.

The main point of this option is to allow players to add the odd supplement here and there to add to the story. It should in no way interfere or replace the main chapters.

If you have questions, please ask them in the OOC thread found here: LINK

[mod]Supplementals cannot be posted until TVC II is officially started [/mod]
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