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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008

For all members who wish to be part of the TVC II, I thought is best to give you all a few guidelines. This RP is very different to others you may have experience, so take a moment to read this through.

Think of the TVC II as less of a role play, and more of a joint story. For those who were in the TVC I, you will know how this works, but for those who are not, I'll try and explain it as best as I can xd

There will be a main overriding plot, as designed by myself and others who lead the TVC II. Now the main plot as key points and ideas, but unlike other role plays it is not static. It may be amended and changed as time goes on mainly due to one of two things:

- The GM's think up of new great ideas

- Because you guys think up of great side plots.

Now this is the key. Sideplots. Whilst you can just write up a character and have them come along for the ride, we would much prefer this to be as much your story as ours. To that end we really, really, REALLY recommend you come up with a sideplot / story for your character. This doesn't have to be a one chapter little side story, but a ongoing plot over months or years.

Once you have an idea, you PM me. I then check and see where it is feasible, and doesn't conflict with someone else's sideplot or the main one. Most of the time I will suggest tweaks and then incorporate it - that incorporation can be what amends the main plot.

In some cases, I may have to decline, however I will try my best to ensure this does not happen.

Still confused? Here's an example.

Spoiler alert for TVC I

As a side plot one character (V'azrin) wanted to be a traitor. We developed that so over chapters he was feeding information to Nagash. Even further development had one of my characters sacrifice himself to save his wife, and in turn become a critical part of the main plot by being turned into Dread Lord of Nagash and helping to bring Nagash to his full power - previous to the original suggestion none of this would have happened.
It got even more interesting when we tweaked the sideplot again so the traitor was in love with the wife of the vampire he had betrayed!

Great storylines can blossom from basic ideas, and really adds to the fun of the RP for everyone.

Long Term
You don't have to be in the RP for long term, however you should note that the TVC II will be going on for a few years at least (TVC I lasted over 4 years). Don't feel pressured, you can stay for as long or as little as you like, though people who are in it for long term will likely get much more out of it (especially with the sideplots mentioned above).
There will be some core members such as myself who do plan to be in for the full term.

This is NOT an "elite" RP where you have to be someone with loads of RP experience. We have had members before who have had none, or indeed struggle with English and grammar. Whilst we do expect everyone to make the effort to try their best, we are more than happy to help people develop and grow.
The only thing we do ask, is that if you do need help, you accept advice so we can work on resolving issues to ensure the RP is enjoyable for everyone.

No Godmodding
There will not be any super saiyan antics, no bringing ridiculous powers etc. Characters will be reviewed and posting closely monitored. Anyone going over the top will be warned or banned from the RP, which leads to...

An odd thing about this style of RP, is that if you have permission, it is ok to post small actions about other characters. Sounds odd? It's really all about trust.

In reality posting something, then having to wait for a response, especially in conversations, can really drag things on. At first this will how it will have to be, however once you get to know everyone, things like the following are ok:

Lesa turned round with a snarl, eyes glaring. Before she could stop herself she lashed out, claws tearing into V'azrin's skin. With a hiss of anger V'azrin stepped back, and she could see the anger of magic in his aura.

"I would think twice before you do that," she said acidly.

The section in blue is actually the other persons character, but during our history GoW trusted me to write small things like that, as I did him. There is a limit, and it should only be done if you are both happy, but it helps a lot.

The other area is fights and duels. Our experience shows two things:

- Honour the stats
- Discuss it beforehand
- Don't go overboard!

Every bio will have a stat. In the example I have previously, Lesa had a stronger magic stat, so in duels generally Lesa won in that area without any discussion necessary.

However if I was unsure, I would PM the player and we would discuss what we can do, how long we should have the duel for to "make it look good" etc.

If you are going to do something serious, that will impact the other player long term, you must speak to them about it.


This is an important feature of the TVC II. Until they are revealed, you do NOT reveal any plot details you may know of in advance. In many cases it will just be you and the GM's who know the big twist coming up in your sideplot - let everyone else enjoy the surprise.

I may add more things here from time to time, if you have any questions please ask in the OOC discussion thread.


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