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H:Around 1,500 points of Tyranids/ W:Paypal

All prices are negotiable

12 Termigants, 10 are with Flesh Borers and 2 with devourers. Painted, $20

12 Termigants W/Spinefists. Various stages of painting, $20

One of them is missing legs.

Custom Venomthorpe. Unpainted, $15

OOP Venomthorpe. Painted, $15

OOP Zoanthrope. Partially painted, $15

8 Genestealers w/rending claws. Various stages of painting, $10

One is missing both of its back arms

24 Hormagants. Various sages of painting, $15 per squad of 12

Two are missing heads

10 oop warriors (Rouge trader I think?). Various stages of painting, some metal some resin, $41 per 5 or $82 for the whole lot

Ones leg will need re-gluing and to be attached to its base

15 warriors. All painted, some based, $20 per squad of 3 or $100 for the whole lot

Custom prime, can replace a warrior if you want it

Hive Tyrant /w boneswords and what I think is a Stranglethorn cannon. The gun will need to be built, and its head can be swapped between a custom one-eyed head and a regular one. Unpainted, $40

And whatever this is meant to be, which you can have for free with anything else you buy. Its about the size of a Trygon and has far more weapons than anything could ever hold.