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H:basing material W: tomb kings,VC, $$$, LoC: Florida

lord marcus

Vampire Count
True Blood
Mar 2, 2008
Texture bases, basing material, and terrain!

Although this is primarily a business venture I will consider small trades for tomb kings or on sprue VC skeletons

Valentine's day special! In order to give me enough lead time to complete orders, I am announcing my Valentine's day "get your loved one gaming" sale!

Pick a starter set (or boardgame/rpg/etc) from a game you love and want to buy for your loved one. Show it to me, and take 20% off an order of bases equal to what is needed to base the kit this 20% discount will apply to the whole order if you choose to add some gifts for yourself!

Special prices for gaming clubs available.


TWO NEW textures now in stock and fully available in every size and shape required, as well as in our bulk bags! Fieldstone brick and temple of the old one.

NEW PRODUCT: road sections

7.5 inches by 2.5 inches, available unpainted or painted.

Available in two textures:

Fieldstone brick


1 for $3
Pack of 6 for $15

That's a whopping 45 inches of roadway for $15.

See photo gallery below for pictured examples.

Sheets of texture are now available. A sheet is roughly 6 inches by 5 inches. Each sheet comes unprimed, and will retail at $5. I've had customers use these for backdrops for photography, and others just trying to spice up thier bases.

I make and sell custom bases. I often have off cuts left over. This post is for bulk bags of offcuts. The below link has examples

Photos https://imgur.com/gallery/nWVh6

I also, as stated, make bases and do other custom work, including terrain/dungeon layouts. Pm with any questions.

Prices are as follows:

Snack baggie = $4

Sandwich baggie = $8

Quart baggie = $10

Options currently include:

Norse/fantasy Runic

Mayan ruined temple

Crusader temple

Cracked earth


Double Diamond deck plating

Egyptian ruins

Greek tile

Elven temple

Fieldstone brick

Temple of the old ones

Persian palace

Random assortment of the above.


These two upcoming textures have a week extra processing time due to the texture tools being on their way to me in the mail. They can be used for bulk bags as above, or custom basing/other orders. However this extra processing time is tacked on.

Temple of the old one – deep ones inspired temple/ruins flooring


For those interested in bases, I offer every size and shape needed for wargaming or rpgs.

25mm/32mm bases are 0.50 cents each, and prices go up from there. Highest price currently is a knight Titan base at $4.50

I can expand my line of textures over time (reinvesting) or by customer special order. If you would like one of the following I will need an order of at least $25 and an extra week of processing time in order for my tool maker to produce and ship me the tool.

Possible new textures:

Wood planks Reb brick walkway, Block brick, Chaos Runic, Celtic Runic, Hexagons, Triple hexagons, Indian cashmere


Yes, the tools I use are commercially available, and thus you could potentially make items like mine yourself. I personally see my business as a service for those who do not want to invest the time, money, and logistics into making this happen. I am also less expensive, generally speaking.

Furthermore, I have direct confirmation from the manufacturer that I can sell my finished works that use thier tools in construction.