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[H] OOP Scenery and more [W] Lizardmen, Undead, Money [USA only]

Feb 26, 2013
eBay link to more scott-kowalczuk | eBay

Selling and trading around 25% off retail. Shipping is free to the continental USA only. Prices are non-negotiable.

Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus (NIB) - $22
Blood Angel Forge World Terminator Shoulder Pads (NISB) - $28
Bretonnian Pegasus Knight (NIB) - $34
Chaos Chosen Dark Vengeance (all 6, NOS) - $34
Chaos Exalted Hero (metal, NISB) - $24
Chaos Hellcannon (metal, NIB) - $94
Chaos Typhus (metal, mint, never assembled) - $34
Chapter Approved 2018 Warlord Edition (NIB) - $134
Dark Eldar Venom x 5 (NOS) - $20 each
Eldar Vyper x 6 (NOS) - $20 each
Eldar Windriders x 6 (NIB, 3 per box) - $28 each box
Empire Flagellants x 20 (NOS) - $90
Imperial Guard Cadian Command Squad (NISB) - $18
Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops x 2 boxes (NISB) - $20 each box
Imperial Guard Codex (brand new) - $28
Imperial Guard Datacards (brand new) - $10
Imperial Guard Start Collecting x 2 boxes (NIB) - $68 each box
Sector Imperialis 32mm Bases x 2 boxes (NIB) - $24 each box
Sector Imperialis 60mm, 75mm, 90mm Bases x 2 boxes (NIB) - $24 each box
Sector Imperialis Large Detail Base Kit x 3 boxes (NIB) - $24 each box
Sisters of Battle Chapter Approved 2018 Datacards (brand new, never used) - $40
Space Marine Codex x 2 (newest version, hardcover, never read) - $34 each
Space Marine Intercessors (box of 10, NISB) - $44
Tomb Kings Casket of Souls (metal, NISB) - $99
Tomb Kings Necrosphinx / Warsphinx (NISB) - $149
Undead Black Coach (plastic, NIB) - $90
Undead Mortarchs x 3 boxes (NISB) - $60 each box
Undead Nagash (plastic, NIB) - $80

WANT (newest version only, must be NOS, NIB, or NISB)
Lizardmen Chakax Eternity Warden (metal only)
Lizardmen Oldblood (metal only)
Lizardmen Skink Priest with feather cloak (metal only)
Lizardmen Slann Mage Priest (metal only)
Lizardmen Sunblood (metal only)
Undead Grimghast Reapers x 30
Undead Vargheists x 3

Send me a private message for payment details.
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