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H: Tomb Kings; W: Paypal, chaos marines/daemons, imperial knight


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
I recently came into possession of a friend's old tomb kings army. Some of it is going to be integrated into my own collection, but a bunch of it is going to be on the trade/sell block. I've already put a couple items up on ebay (see the ebay link thread), but I've also got:

Necrosphinx (assembled, unpainted, on an oval base)

Bone Giant (assembles, unpainted)

1 unopened box of tomb guard (in addition to the box already on ebay)

20 old metal tomb guard with swords - some with metal shields, some with plastic, not sure what the deal is there.

1 Settra - partially assembled, has chariot and horses, but is missing his left arm

1 Casket of Souls partially assembled, parts primed, missing one of the guard's swords

Assorted characters (BSBs foot & mounted, lich priests foot & mounted, tomb kings sword & great weapon, khalida, all pewter)

Many chariots partially assembled - with skeletal horses, but no riders (he may yet find the skeleton rider sprues, but at the moment you'd have to provide your own drivers)

5 skeleton horse archers - riders and steeds assembled, but not glued to each other

Some other stuff maybe? I haven't gone through everything, if you're looking for something specific let me know. I can take pictures of any of it you might be interested in. Again, a lot of this stuff will be filtering onto ebay in the next few weeks, but I figured I'd give folks here a looksie before doing so.

Mostly I'm just looking for some spare cash (I'm currently on the job hunt), but I could potentially be interested in some chaos marine/chaos daemon stuff, particularly unpainted. Or maybe an imperial knight Paladin that I could chaos up, if anybody picked up that new double knight box and was looking to trade one away, along with the renegade knight rules from the kit.


Wight King
May 17, 2013
@Malisteen are you still selling this stuff? and do you have a skull catapult? I might be interested in some stuff if you're willing to sell them individually.