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Vampire Count
True Blood
May 27, 2009
What ho, ghouls & banshees,

SOme time ago I was a regular poster & sometime model-botherer & Illustraitor. Roughly a year ago due to some rather abrupt events in my life I gave up wargaming completely & have had stuff kicking around not doing much. Now I am skint & really want to go & see my girlfriend, so I am SELLING STUFF. Much of this is VC stuff but there will also be other stuff in the future, I will also be selling my illustrations featured in early issues of The Invocation.

Currently on Ebay:

Konrad von Carstein (Ends Friday 09 Dec 2011, 14:58:24 GMT)

Winged Vampire Lord (Ends Friday 09 Dec 2011, 15:21:03 GMT)

Mannfred the Acolyte(Ends Friday 09 Dec 2011, 15:40:32 GMT)

Necromancer (Ends Wednesday 14 Dec 2011, 12:25:12 GMT)

Skeleton Spearmen (Ends Tuesday 13 Dec 2011, 17:23:17 GMT)

Grave Guard (Ends Friday 09 Dec 2011, 17:14:05 GMT)

Set 1 (Ends Sunday 11 Dec 2011, 22:59:02 GMT)

Set 2 (includes Crypt Ghast champion, ends Monday 12 Dec 2011, 11:16:55 GMT)

Set 3 (Superior paintwork, ends Monday 12 Dec 2011, 11:30:43 GMT)