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H: VC army / W: $$$ (SOLD)

Sep 4, 2011
Whole army :250 euro but you can buy the units separately
Shipping is for the buyer, I live in Belgium.

25 ghouls and 20 on sprue (plastic GW) : 35 euro
20 ghouls (metal GW OOP): 35 euro
Zacharias on zombie dragon (metal OOP, box heavily damaged): 35 euro
4 ghost hosts (metal GW OOP): 20 euro
Mounted wight lord (NIB metal GW OOP): 10 euro
Black knight command (NIB metal GW OOP): 10 euro
7 Direwolfs (GW plastic/metal OOP): 10 euro
10 Direwolfs (GW plastic):10 euro
Black coach (Metal GW OOP): 35 euro
1corps cart (GW plastic):10 euro
1corps cart on sprue (GW plastic):10 euro
7 giant bats (metal GW OOP): 10 euro
9 Blood knights (plastic conversions): 10 euro
Vampire lord on horse (metal GW OOP): 10 euro
Same vampire lord on foot (metal GW OOP):10 euro
3 Vampire lords and a banshee (metal GW OOP): 10 euro/piece
2 batswarms (metal GW OOP): 10 euro
10 graveguards (metal GW OOP): 15 euro
40 zombies (plastic Mantic): 25 euro
40 skeletons with halberds (GW plastic conversions): 30 euro
40 skeletons with spears (GW plastic OOP): 30 euro
20 skeletons with handweapon (GW plastic):15 euro

20 EMPIRE swordmen (Plastic mild conversions Perry models) : 10 euro

For pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/LBqM4b6z11sbiQeK7