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Heads up: new FAQs


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
Most everything has new errata of 'designer's notes', ska faqs, on warhammer community. We got big nerfs to lens of refraction, banishment (although that's still too good imo), geminids, and spellportals (boo! I never even got to use mine!); Vamp lord and wight king CAs don't stack with themselves; Guardian of Souls in LoN armies don't get faction spells, skirmish points for new nighthaunts, etc. Lots of changes for other factions as well.

FAQs - Warhammer Community
Jan 1, 2017
On a general note, I really don't see the reason to have FAQ and Designer's Notes.
To follow rules through all the published materials is already a difficult and dispersive task.

Regarding the CA of the VL and WK I'm not worried. All you need is to have a VL and a WK on the table, to have the different abilities stack. More than this would probably just be overkill.